This is what it looked like Wednesday when we got home. That is not snow but fog. It was a really strange storm. It started out as snow on Tuesday night and then changed to freezing rain. By the time we went to work in the morning, the rain had frozen on the snow and it was slick. I started the car early so it would help the ice melt somewhat. I hesitate to do that because of the waste but it was necessary. That slush there at the bottom of the driveway is frozen hard at this point and it crunches in a satisfying way when you drive over it. By the time we came home, there was a strange fog and you couldn't see anything as we rode over the bridge. Very unsettling.

I''ve spent a lot of time sitting at the wheel in the last few days. I've spun this lovely stuff. This is the Ina Gadda Da Vida roving I got for PK. You know the story of the title of the song? Iron Butterfly, a one hit wonder of a band, got really drunk one night and decided to write a song called In the Garden of Eden. They were so drunk, the words came out slurred and a legend is born. I love, love, love, this. I'd call it Robin Hood or something like Sherwood because that's what it reminds me of. The greens and browns dominate but there is the little bit of orange and teal in there. Pk reminds me frequently that he is waiting for socks from this.

He'll have to wait until I finish spinning it and for me to finish another project I started. It's strange because counting my commuting socks, I have 4 other wips. I never have more than two. I think it's a disease. I started my first top down sweater. It's a baby kimono style sweater (I found it on ravelry) that is practically seamless . I figured it's a good way to try something out because it's small. A coworker's wife is having a baby. The shower is Feb. 20th so I have about 3 weeks. I'm about 1/3 done and am ready to put the sleeves on waste yarn and continue down the front and back. I'm using some cotton/acrylic blend I had on hand. It's very soft and very washable. It's white and instead of ties, I'm going to get a cute button for the front. I just finished a gift item and once it's been gifted, I'll show you. It's a cutie.

Tomorrow is Friday and I took the day off. I would have called in sick today but it would count against me so I slogged through the day sneezing and blowing my nose. I figured I could take a vacation day tomorrow and then have the weekend to rest up. That's what I figured until Pk found an estate sale (with old tools) about an hour away on Saturday. He keeps telling me the woman was a knitter (yeah, right). He did offer to look up yarn stores on the way so it might not be too bad to go look at some old tools if I get to look at some fibery goodness, too. And breakfast. I insist on breakfast because we have to leave the house by 6:30. We don't leave that early for work! I'll let him drive and I can work on the morning surf scarf and maybe finish it up.

And now it's time for me to go. I took some benadryl and I want to stop writing before I start babbling. Benadryl makes me very sleepy but it works better than any other antihistamine for me.

Have a good Friday and a great weekend. Photos of the estate sale if the weather is nice and especially if the wife was a knitter! (although I'd bet all her friends have already picked through her stash!)


Bells said…
oh look at that snowy foggy scene. I love it!

And the yarn...oh my. Donna Lee your spinning is beautiful.

i think PK is very funny trying to induce you to go along with the promise of knitters and yarn stores. Cute.

Feel better soon!
Bezzie said…
Wasn't that a weird bit of weather? Ours was similar to yours but we didn't get that fog!!

I remember watching that Simpsons episode where Bart has the church choir sing "In the Garden of Eden" by I. Ron Butterfly....hee hee.

Hope your Friday off isn't too snot-filled!
Tinniegirl said…
It's amazing to look at that cold weather when it's 110F here in Melbourne.

I agree with Bells. Your spinning really is gorgeous. I must buy myself some hand spun wool at some stage. I've never knitted with it.

Have a lovely weekend.
Galad said…
That is a weird foggy scene. We don't get much of that here, though every once in a while it socks in.

Your spinning is lovely. I can see why PK is anxious for his socks.

Sleep well and feel better!
Olivia said…
I love that yarn, and Sherwood is my name so that might have something to do with it!

6:30 am on a weekend? I really hope the woman WAS a knitter and a spinner too!
Rose Red said…
Your handspun looks fantastic - love the colours!

Hope you are feeling better on Saturday and that you find a bargain or two (estate sale or yarn shop!!)
Amy Lane said…
Fog is sooo darned skeeery! We get it here withOUT the snow and it still terrifies me!

Lovely lovely yarn... I can't wait to see what you make of it!
amy said…
I hope you feel better soon and can enjoy your breakfast/yarn store/estate sale excursion. I have high hopes of actually getting out of the house this weekend, but now the baby has a head cold so who knows.
Roxie said…
The innagaddadvita yarn is primo! The weather is stinko! A lingering cold is pretty stinko, too. Wish those damn rhino viruses would head back to the broad savanahs and leave us alone. Rotten rhinos!

Have fun at the estate sale. I have found some real treasures. Usually, if someone knnits, her family doesn't and they don't appreciate her stash. And her friends are likely all in Florida by now. Good luck!
Alwen said…
That yarn is SO PRETTY!

We had ice fog the other morning when it was about 12 degrees, and all the trees were crystallized with hoarfrost.
Sheepish Annie said…
I hope you feel better soon. Perhaps there will be some nice, knitty goodness out there and it will have massive healing powers...
Jejune said…
That looks like a very cold and miserable day ... sunny and snowy is nice, but foggy and snowy sounds dreary. Hope the weather is nicer this week!

How did the sale go? And I hope you're feeling better soon :)

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