Amy tagged me for the 6th photo/6th folder meme. I wish this had happened just a few weeks ago. You may remember that my computer picked up a nasty virus and I asked Pk to rebuild the OS for me. When he did this, he forgot to save the photos that only existed on the computer. I NEVER let him rebuild the machine because I hate having to get used to different programs and newer versions of things. I am a creature of habit! I've had this laptop for over 3 years and it never needed a 'rebuild' until this virus came along. Pk apologized and I know it was not purposeful but still dismaying.

So, I have no, and I mean NO photos of my family on the computer. I realize every so often how great the loss actually is. I have no photos of Pk's ride in the airplane when he flew upside down (fortunately, my favorite one of those is the wallpaper on my work computer so I have that) and no photos of the woods and no photos of the holidays. It's not the end of the world and I have often made fun of people who live their lives through their camera lens instead of living it in person. But, I'll miss them.

What I did is close my eyes and point to one of the few photos that I have begun to re-collect (and will save on my flash drive!). This is the one I came up with. It's the tree out front of our house. It's a maple and has a double, twisted trunk. Parts of it are dying but I love it and don't want to lose it. Lots of my neighbors are cutting down trees and then not replacing them. Then they wonder why it's so much hotter in the summer! This was Wednesday morning as we were leaving for work. It wasn't really that dark, but the flash made it look like a ghost tree.
I spent today in a training. It was fairly interesting. I like the presenter. The psych rehab training community is a small one and we all get really familiar with who the instructors are. This was one of my favorites. I knit a few inches on my Leaves of Whimsy socks. I'm mostly finished the second one. Just half the foot and then the toe. No one said anything about the knitting and I participated so it was all good. I started a sock for Julie and Amy Lane's Feb sock roundup. I found yarn and pattern that seem to be perfect. I have to knit a few more inches on the baby sweater and then pick up the sleeves. Any sweater that doesn't need seams is a good one to me. And I still have to make the other thrummed mitten.......
Coming out of the training, I slipped on some ice. I didn't go down but I did wrench my lower back. I got into the car with difficulty and was driving along until I almost slammed into a young driver who made a left turn in front of me as I was going 50 miles an hour. My body tensed as I slammed on the brakes. We emerged unscathed but my back hurts. I've taken ibuprofen and used BenGay (love the stuff!). The major problem is that I have Handle With Care, the restraint training tomorrow. I'm not teaching, I'm getting re-certified to teach. I think I'm going to spend a lot of time on the sidelines. I was planning to pull back and try to pass the torch onto some younger folks within our program this year and this might be the encouragement I need. I'll help plan it and I'll teach some but I don't want the full weight of training the entire staff.
I'm sitting here listening to the cats snore. They're twitching in their sleep. Must be a good dream. It's time for a little knitting, some more pain meds and then bed. Maybe I'll have some of those good dreams, too. Although, I'm not sure I want one of the left-over cat dreams!


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amy said…
Whoa, that is some heavy duty spam. Try Arnica for your back. It comes in ointment form as well as pellets (take those orally). It does help. When we took Grace to the pediatrician at 4 days old, he asked how I was doing. I told him I felt like I'd been hit by a truck. He gave me a mega-dose of Arnica and the next day I felt 1000% better.

As for the photos, that really, really is a blow. I use Shutterfly for printing and they offer unlimited online storage. Something to think about. They're probably not the only photo site that does that.

Feel better soon!
Galad said…
Hope your back feels better tomorrow. Back pain makes everything more difficult.

I'm impressed you started your roulette sock already. I haven't even figured out my pattern yet.

Cat dreams to you.
Rose Red said…
that is a lovely photo. Our councils are very protective of trees, for most trees, you need to get council permission to cut it down, and usually you have to replace it.

Sorry about your back - hope the drugs do the trick
Kaye said…
Don't feel bad, I too have lost many many hard drives and good pictures due to viruses. It's one of the reasons I decided to pay the $25 a year for the flickr subscription.

HOpe your back feels better!!!
Amy Lane said…
What a lovely lovely picture--but I'm so sorry to hear about the back. I've lived with that before--totally bites! Ibuprofin, bengay and tylenol... ouch!
Bells said…
Beautiful! What a great loss of photos - but you got a lovely one here.

I'm sorry about your back. That sounds like a rough day.
Louiz said…
Beautiful photo, but hope your back is better
Roxie said…
Thermawraps! they're a touch spendy, but they WORK! We get them at Costco. And one of those steveadore back-support belts. Not so much for the support as for the reminder to take it easy.

Sock on, baby! And have fun with those training sessions.
Dianne said…
So sorry to hear about your back pain. I hurt mine a few weeks ago (lifting Tara in and out of the car for trips to the vet for her surgery) and finally broke down and went to the doctor. He told me to stop taking Advil and use Aleve instead, and also prescribed Flexeril. I'm not feeling much difference yet, but it's only been a few days. Plus, the Flexeril makes be loopy and I can't take it during the day. Hope this helps you.
Alwen said…
You've hit the big time, now, comment spam!

I hurt my back once early this winter (months ago now, we've had winter for months) just tensing up driving in a whiteout, so my sympathies.

I hate changing my computer, too! I think our stuff is backed up to the remote storage device. (Guess I better make sure.)
Jejune said…
Oh noes - spam, sore back and lost photos :(
I obsessively copy my photo folders to CD / DVD nowadays, after having my computer stolen a few years ago. Horrible to have them go.

I hope your back is on the mend, back pain is no picnic. Love the photo you've put up too, I adore maple trees :)
Sheepish Annie said…
How sad to think of all those photos lost. Are there any that you posted to the blog that you can copy? Every time I hear about this sort of think I tell myself I need to back things up. I don't, though. Bad habit, I suppose.

Hope the back is feeling better. Rest up and keep those kitties close by. They are great inspiration for naps, you know!

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