It's a grey, rainy Sunday. Brunch is over and the dishes are done and I'm thinking Hobbes has the right idea. He's stretched out here on the bed sleeping. I have been feeling really tired and yesterday was downright out of it all day. I did manage to do some cleaning and the laundry but othet than that, I sat in the chair and knitted and slept (with the needles in my hands).

I'm just tired. I think it's worry and mental tiredness but I don't feel like being sociable or anything. It's not like me but I feel like I need to hunker down and stay in the bunker. It'll pass and I am looking forward to a day outdoors tomorrow and having everyone home for dinner for PK's birthday.

I finished the socks in time for his birthday. They look great and he likes them. I also finished my Sock Roulette sock and I'm working on the baby sweater and my Feb socks. I also finished this. Isn't she cute? She made a trip halfway around the world and is in the hands of Georgie's daughter Princess Grace. It's Norberta from knitty. The yarn is a cotton/acrylic blend held double. It is hand killing to knit because the fabric has to be tight to contain the stuffing and cotton does not stretch. Instead of button eyes, she has embroidered eyes to keep her baby safe. I enjoyed the knitting and I was happy with the results. I just wanted to wait until she got to her new home to introduce her to you.
Today I am making an angel food cake (from scratch) for Pk's birthday. So, there will also be babka because I am not throwing away 12 egg yolks. There will be 2 babkas so I can use up all the yolks. And I'm roasting a chicken for dinner. I love roast chicken. It's real comfort food to me. And who doesn't like/need comfort food?
I'm off to bake a cake and start some bread dough. I hope you are all having a safe and happy weekend.


amy said…
I roasted chicken today too! I agree, definitely comfort food. I've been roasting the whole breast, having felt rather intimidated about an entire bird, but the whole birds were on sale this week and the meat guy convinced me to give it a try (and he's right, I saved money AND have leftovers). It was so good. Something about this winter has had me craving roast chicken all the time.

Angel food from scratch? I still find THAT intimidating! I hope you are feeling more yourself tomorrow.
amy said…
I forgot to mention, the knitted toy is adorable!!
Galad said…
Sounds like a lovely birthday meal. Good thing you posted as it reminded me to thaw my chicken to pop in the crockpot.

I've never had great luck with angel food from scratch. My mother's cousin used to make them frequently, including a chocolate angel food that were wonderful. These days I'm more of a store bought bakery kind of girl.
Jeanne said…
Love roast chicken on a Sunday! And angel food from scratch - yum!

I hope you got some napping time in today and that you enjoy your day off tomorrow.
Rose Red said…
Mmm comfort food is the best. I'm in need of some right now! I made a cake yesterday too which used 3 egg yolks, so I decided to use the whites to make meringues. It's handy to have some recipes which use up leftover whites (or yolks) isn't it!

Hope you have a great day on Monday,happy birthday to PK!

And Norberta - so cute!!
Sheepish Annie said…
Happy Birthday to PK! Enjoy your cake 'n babka!

I do love that little dragon. Such a cutie!
Dianne said…
The dragon is adorable! Angel food and babka from scratch? Wow. I've never attempted either one!
Amy Lane said…
Wow--you go cook and enjoy your day (and PK's birthday!) It sounds like you've really earned the rest! (And the toy is ADORABLE! But I hear you on the cotton! Ouch!)
Bells said…
oh is THAT what you sent George? She didn't tell me what yet, just that she got stuff. How adorable! I've been wanting to make that!

Great baking and roasting going on in your house. If only you didn't live so far away, I'd invite myself over.
Bezzie said…
What a great idea using the yolks for babka!! I have always wanted to do angel food from scratch, but didn't know what to do with all those yolks!
Alwen said…
Norberta is cuuuuute!

We just finished up an oven-roasted chicken, yum, and now we have chicken and rice soup from the carcass.
Roxie said…
I think you are entitled to hunker in the bunker and sleep for a while. It certainly beats booze and drugs as a way of dealing with stress! And I want you to get a pot of daffodils or hyacinths or something live and lovely. Spring is coming. The cycle continues to turn. Roast chicken is wonderful! What's babka?

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