Happy Easter. I've always enjoyed Easter, not necessarily as a religious holiday but as the harbinger of Spring. I know in all reality that there were rainy Easters in my life but in my memory, they're all tender, spring days.

When the girls were little, we hid eggs, sometimes in the house and some years in the yard. Plastic eggs filled with coins or candy. It was great fun and I remember hearing the cats batting the eggs across the floor during the night. There were baskets with chocolate bunnies and toys and other goodies. I spent considerable time finding the perfect basket fixin's. This year, I waited until the last minute because I wasn't sure I was feeling the whole "basket thing". When I headed out to the grocery store, I decided I was going to do baskets but not big ones. I went to Kmart and found some smaller baskets that are cute. I got some good chocolate on sale and some jelly beans. One has to have jelly beans on Easter.

As always, we dyed eggs. I love to dye eggs and Pk and I have dyed eggs every year, even before we had kids. Here's Pk concentrating on making a "work of art" because he doesn't just dye eggs, he makes art. And here's eggs that are dressed in their Easter finery. I spend the extra money to buy eggs with lower cholesterol because it's a problem in our family. They don't taste any different and I'm not sure if it isn't all a marketing scam but I don't want to give up eating eggs and neither does Pk.

And something I've never done before. Chocolate covered strawberries. They had some gorgeous berries at the grocery and I bought some Ghiradelli chocolate and voila! They are delicious. We'll have angel food cake with berries and whipped cream.

Since I'm writing this on Saturday night (thanks to the wonder of blogger), I'll post photos of the baskets and the cake Monday. I don't plan to turn on the computer on Sunday. I plan to have a peaceful, pleasant day with my family just enjoying their company. Maybe we'll do a puzzle or play a game. Either way, it won't be computerized. I'll knit some and talk some and probably eat way more than is good for me. But I'm surprisingly ok with that. I wish Em could be home for the holiday but she has to work. Kate will be home for a while but she has to work at night so she'll miss dinner. We'll save her a plate and I made Em a basket anyway. Not sure when she'll get it but it's here.

I hope you are having a wonderful holiday. Happy Easter, Happy Spring!


Rose Red said…
Happy Easter to you and yours too! The eggs and the strawberries look great! hope you have a lovely family day.
Roxie said…
Ooooh, such bright, saturated colors! Your eggs ARE a work of art!

Enjoy your day. It sounds grand.

Inspiration! I'm going to go to the grocery store next week and see if they have easter egg dye on sale. I have a bin full of odds and ends of white yarn that could use some playfulness.
Bezzie said…
Beautiful eggs! Me and Dr. MS dyed eggs before we had kids too--and probably will after they get "too old."
Bells said…
chocolate covered strawberries are so great!

See, a harbinger of spring makes so much sense where you are. Here eggs and bunnies and all that make no sense at all given we are in reverse. We should have Easter in September. Crazy world.
TinkingBell said…
Sigh! Here Easter is the harbinger of Autumn - but it has been ver Indian Summer-y!

Happy Easter to you and yours!

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