Isn't this a lovely photo? NOT! I tried to take a photo of my lovely girls while we were at Em's house last week for her birthday and she would not cooperate. So, once again, there is a shot in which people are restraining Emily in order to get her into the picture. I even tried the 'mom guilt' thing (I must be slipping because it didn't work) by telling her (truthfully) that I didn't have any photos of her because they were lost in the Great Computer ReBuild of 09. And my heart was broken by this.

No dice. The best I could do was have everyone try to hold her down. You can see part of Pk's head and El is in the back and that's Kate in the front. It's blurry and really an awful photo but I thought I'd share it anyway. We had a lovely time at Em's. She got some nice presents and made a delicious dinner. And there were no photos of the birthday girl.

The Road

The road goes ever ever on

Down from the door where it began

Now far away the road has gone

And I must follow if I can.

Pursuing it with eager feet

Until it joins some larger way

Where many paths and errands meet

And whither then?

I cannot say.


I have probably posted that one before but I love it so here it is for a Friday morning. I'm off on the road to the grocery store to forage for food. Hopefully, I'll get done before the rain comes. Probably not what Tolkien had in mind when he wrote that.

Have a good end of the week!


Bells said…
kids huh? Even the threat of a mother's broken heart won't move them!!!

Still, i suspect that what we're looking at their is your kids being completely and utterly themselves!
Roxie said…
At least she isn't sulky about having her photo taken by force. She may play coy just so she can enjoy a great wrestling match.
teabird said…
That's always been my favorite verse from Tolkien -
I hope you have a lovely weekend!
Galad said…
You always seem to find a way to have a lovely weekend so I'm sure this one will be lovely too.

Glad you had some family time to laugh and celebrate.
Rose Red said…
10 posts to catch up (gee, being away without a computer is kinda nice but it means so much catching up when I get back!) And so much to catch up on! First of all, huge Happy Birthday to Em, sounds like you had fun and that torte - YUM!

Love all the socks (Primavera really nice, that one is definitely on my list). Love the poems too, especially the Zoo ones (guppy - heh!). Also loved your dot point post - love the insight into your world and your head!

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