One of Pk's favorite ways to describe himself is as "god's cat toy. He forgets about me and I'm under the couch for a while but then he finds me and bats me around for a bit."
Last week was a doozy with his car dying, Em's surgery and then the power going out and needing an extensive upgrade. But, this is the end of that week and next week we start out fresh.

The week was not devoid of knitting or spinning for comfort. I finished one of the Tofutsie Tidal Wave socks. Here is a portrait I like to call Sock With Computer on Unmade Bed. The pattern is easy to learn and I like it.

It is a subtle, lacey pattern that reminds me of waves heading toward shore. I've turned the heel on Pk's brown striped sock. And I finished spinning the blue roving. It's a small skein, less than 500 yards so for now, I'll just leave it in the spinning basket and admire it.
Today is the day I feel like washing windows and curtains and vaccuming behind the furniture. Well, I don't really feel like it but I don't hate the idea as much as I normally do. The weather is nice and as soon as PK is out of the shower, the curtains and bedspreads are going in the wash. He's going to call around and see about getting a replacement module for the oven. And grocery shopping and laundry has to happen sometime this weekend. Hopefully, we can get these things done today and then tomorrow we can relax and have a day off before we start in on next week.
Well, I'm off to wash the windows (thank the gods they're tilt windows and easy to clean!) and start the spring cleaning. And the dust shall be flying. See you all on the flip side.


Sheepish Annie said…
"God's cat toy!" I love that!!! I'm glad that the power came back on and that you are all set now. And you have a very lovely sock, there. Nicely done!

I'm hoping that if I compliment you enough, you will suddenly feel the need to come wash and vacuum stuff at my house...
Amy Lane said…
I'm loving that sock and that yarn--but I'm hoping you guys get some rest under that couch for a while!
Roxie said…
Maybe God will just pull you into his bed and cuddle you and purr for a while. May it be so!

Hope you Sunday is warm and glorious and balm to the spirits of one and all!
Rose Red said…
Oh, you have had a week haven't you. Sorry about losing the power, glad it is back on now.

The sock looks great - like your still life!
Alwen said…
You are sure using a lot of colors I like!

I need to wash some windows quick before the hops vines get too tall. But I have to unscrew the whole storm window unit to do it, so it doesn't get done every year.

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