Some random Tuesday morning thoughts.

*I really hate it when someone on the train has one of those phones that work like a walkie-talkie and they hold loud conversations early in the morning.

*Most people don't look good in animal prints (like head to toe leopard)

*The guy in front of me on the train was a slow reader. I was way ready for him to change the page of the newspaper he was reading (and I was reading over his shoulder) before he was.

*There is a wasp nest the size of a socer ball high up in a tree that is on my way to work. I am allergic to stings so I am fascinated by the size of this thing. I thought at first that it was a bag or something that got caught. But I stopped the car and looked and sure enough, it's a nest. I spent much of the train ride trying to estimate how many wasps are asleep in there (when I wasn't reading the paper).

*I am not ready for Easter and have to keep reminding myself that it's Sunday. I guess since the kids aren't small anymore (although they still think they should get Easter baskets), and we are not a religious family, it doesn't carry the weight it once did. I'm thinking about Easter baskets and have to drag them out and see what kind of shape they're in.

*We just bought 4 new tires for PK's car and now it doesn't work. It needs a water pump and timing belt. Hopefully, there isn't any internal engine damage ($$$$$!) and he can fix it himself. We'll see Friday.

*I took Friday off so today is officially the middle of my week. In fact, my work week is half over. Nice optimistic thought.

*Our new computerized treatment plan takes me almost an hour to do. The old ones took about 15 minutes. It's driving me (and everyone else) crazy.

*Lots of people miss psychiatrist appointments. I have to send them letters giving them a chance to reschedule. I call everyone because I know that some of my folks are scattered and easily forget what they're supposed to do. I don't mind, it's part of my job.

Have a good Tuesday! I hope it's filled with good things and you remember all of your appointments.


amy said…
I'm not ready for Easter either. I'm just not in the mood, which is unusual. I don't even feel like making rice pie. Weird.
Roxie said…
The new computerized system will speed up as you get used to it. And maybe this is the year when the kids should make baskets for you! What would you like in your Easter basket?
Galad said…
This is the first year I haven't sent Easter baskets to the kids and my dad. It feels weird but I just couldn't justify it financially.

Starting new computer systems always makes things take longer. Hopefully it will get faster as you go and ultimately make life easier.

I wish I had a nice person like you to remind me of appointments. I'm sure your clients appreciate you!
Louiz said…
I hate wasps so that nest would freak me out!

I keep forgetting it's easter shortly. And then I remember because we have a 4 day weekend coming up:)
Kate said…
Usually the only people who look good in head-to-toe animal print are the animals it belongs on. It's a shame, really.
Sheepish Annie said…
Friday that sounds nice! But I have a vacation coming up so I'll be cool about it. Enjoy your long weekend and Easter. (I'll be at the half price sales come Monday!)
Jeanne said…
I'm not ready for Easter at all, but we don't make a big deal about it anymore. I'm also off Friday (and next Monday) so I'm halfway too!
TinkingBell said…
Yay - easter is nearly here and I have 4 days off and can eat chocolate until I feel sick - and I can hide easter eggs and send the kids looking for them! -I love Easter (the easter bunny is definitely on my Christmas card list)
Amy Lane said…
Good list day! And yeah-- I need to go Easter shopping tomorrow... it's the only day this week I've had to go!

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