We're getting ready to go to the bakery to get some creme donuts for Em (ok, and for me,too). She started texting me at 7 this morning. I guess she figured if she was awake, eveyone else would be too. I have to remind her of her "double digit" motto of waking up. (she figures that no one should be awake before the double digit time of 10).

She seems to be feeling better today. I know I am a little calmer after some fitful sleep. Pk and I are thankful for all of the virtual hugs. I could feel the warmth and concern wrapping around us last night. I spent some time at the spinning wheel, letting the monotonous motions soothe and calm my fretful mind.

I know that Em will come out of this fine in the end but I swear if one more doctor says "we just don't know what this is" I may out and out lose it. Where is all the medical science we hear about?

And so, I'll leave you with another cummings favorite


if up's the word; and a world grows greener
minute by second and ost by more-
if death is the loser and life is the winner
(and beggars are rich but misers are poor)
-let's touch the sky:
with a to and a fro
(and a here there where) and away we go

in even the laziest creature among us
a wisdom no knowledge can kill is astir-
now dull eyes are keen and now keen eyes are keener
(for young is the year,for young is the year)
-let's touch the sky:
with a great(and a gay
and a steep)deep rush through amazing day

it's brains without hearts have set saint against sinner;
put gain over gladness and joy under care-
let's do as an earth which can never do wrong does
(minute by second and ost by more)
-let's touch the sky:
with a strange(and a true)
and a climbing fall into far near blue

if beggars are rich(and a robin will sing his
robin a song)but misers are poor-
let's love until noone could quite be(and young is
the year, dear)as living as i'm and as you're
-let's touch the sky:
with a you and a me
and an every(who's any who's some)one who's we.

I tried to copy and paste this but it didn't copy as written so I had to type it. cummings poetry is as visual as it's verbal. I had to memorize a poem in high school (didn't we all?) and this was one I memorized. I still remember the first verse and I like it for the way it sounds.

I'm off to buy fat and sugar for my daughter. She's worth it.

ETA: blogger still didn't print it the way I typed it. If you want to see it in its original form, it's from his collection of 95 poems.


amy said…
& you're worth it too. hugs, hugs, and more hugs.
Dianne said…
Hugs to you, and give some to Em, too.
DPUTiger said…
Hang in there. As long as the word "benign" keeps coming up, it's all going to be OK. (((HUGS)))
Galad said…
Fat and sugar, wrapped in love - sounds right to me.
Julie said…
If she's demanding donuts, she MUST be feeling better. Good.

Remember. Alibi. I'm here for you. Just say the word.

Hang in there and know we're all thinking of you and sending positive thoughts.
MadMad said…
Oh, I'm pretty sure those now world-famous donuts could make anyone feel all better! (Hope she is!)
Sheepish Annie said…
Lots of sugar. Lots of fat. That is the best prescription I can think of. Still thinking good thoughts for a speedy recovery and all sorts of hugs going your way as well.
Rose Red said…
I hope you both will each have a donut for me! (like you need an excuse to have more!)

Great poem too.

More hugs to you all.
Roxie said…
Yes! Doughnuts can be good for you! And spinning is a Godsend. Holding you in my heart and praising your good thoughts!
Amy Lane said…
More hugs--and go mom-- way to bond over sugar and fat! (I love e.e. cummings so very much...)
Bells said…
yay for Em wanting donuts!!!
Louiz said…
Keeping my fingers crossed, which makes typing difficult.
Jeanne said…
Hang in there - glad the surgery went well, and sending more positive thoughts she (and you) feel better soon - and that they figure this out!

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