Because I can't show you any knitting (it's been raining so it's dark and I've just finished one small gift and am in the middle of another), I thought I'd share some of Pk's grocery sculpture.   This was the trip before Thanksgiving (thus the can of cranberry sauce in the lower left-my family likes the homemade fruit relish but I love the canned stuff). 

Grocery shopping is one of those chores that you have to do if you want to eat but sometimes it gets boring.  Pk is really good about helping me shop and then helping me unpack and put the groceries away.  But he is much more creative about it.  I just put the cold stuff on the counter to be put in the refrigerator.  He stacks it just so and makes designs with it.  Life is never dull around here.

The nice IT guy at work called me today and said my computer is fixed.  He cleaned it up and gave me some new software to keep track of 'malware' and brought it back to me this afternoon.  I was so pleased and repeatedly thanked him.  Of course now there is no reason for me not doing my note writing.  There's a price for everything.

I'm going out for lunch with our clients tomorrow.  Every year we all go to lunch around the holidays.  It's a buffet and the food is 'fair'.  I look at it as a day outside of the building and something different. 

I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies tonight.  Not for the holidays but for today.  For some reason I was craving a cookie.  They made the house smell like vanilla and butter.  It's almost too good.

There is absolutely nothing going on around here and you know what?  It's great.  It makes for boring blog posts but for a relaxed me.  Friday night Pk and I will do some shopping and then I'll finish mine alone.  Saturday we get our tree and he'll do his shopping.  Sunday we have grocery shopping (again? already? but I just went 2 weeks ago!) and then the holiday baking begins.  But it's at a pace I can deal with.  I'm not much of a holiday martyr anymore.  I actually enjoy the preparation and the gift buying.  I got the best present the other night and can't wait until I get to give it on Christmas morning.  I'll make sure to have the camera ready.......THIS is what I like best.  The secrecy and surprise (although I am not terribly good with secrets). 

Only 10 more days to go.  I hope I can hold out.


amy said…
It IS a chore, isn't it? I cut myself slack on market day. I do laundry--there's almost always laundry--but that's it--no other chores. I have a helper, too. The girl helps unpack the bags, and I find things in odd places sometimes. :) It's fun.
Galad said…
Aren't surprises fun. I'm much more about the excitement of giving the presents!
Jeanne said…
It sounds like you are having a nice relaxing holiday season - we are having the same thing and its so much nicer than previous crazy, stressful years.

I'm also looking forward to giving my gifts - its so fun to see their faces!
Bezzie said…
I don't mind unpacking groceries, I just hate BUYING them. The morons with carts at Shoprite---gah!

Now I want to know what you're going to do with those cartons of heavy cream--yum!
Geek Knitter said…
I guess I'm a weirdo... I actually like grocery shopping. My mom and I go together quite often, and we have such fun people watching and sample-nibbling.
Roxie said…
DH and I enjoy grocery shopping together. Every other man I've ever been around thinks of shoppping as woman's work. I dated a guy who knew nothing but the beer aisle and the chips rack. The closest he got to fresh vegetables was a faceful of sod during touch football.

PK is an artist and just can't help himself. What a fun guy to live with!
DPUTiger said…
I made chocolate chippers on Sunday and oatmeal scotchies today. Just because I really wanted cookies.

This is not doing much for my weight loss efforts.

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