I went to the doctor and he had a look at my hands.  There are some small bumps on the joints of my fingers.  He checked for circulation (seems to be fine) and then said I should have a set of xrays done.  This will determine whether the bumps are arthritis or something called calcification tendonitis.  In arthritis the bumps are on the bones.  If it's the tendonitis, then the bumps are on the tendons.   I'm hoping for the arthritis because there are drugs and therapy available for that.  There are things to do for the tendonitis but most of the info I could find has to do with shoulders.  He said to keep up with whatever activity does not cause increased pain and to take ibuprofen for inflamation and pain. 

I've only got two full weeks and then I'm off for a week for the holiday.  I can't wait.  Pk and I are taking a few days around Christmas and then because New Year's Day is on a Friday, we'll have another long weekend.  I'm really looking forward to it.  And just like every other year, time seems to speed up the closer the holiday gets.  I've managed to wrap gifts as I go along so I won't be faced with a load of wrapping at the end.  I'll finish my shopping next week and then the week before the holiday is baking time.  It doesn't feel pressured because I don't let it.  My blood pressure doesn't need the added stress. 

I'm making some cupcakes for the pot luck at work with my coworkers and then a big batch for our client party on the 22nd.  We've had a party for the clients every year but the drug companies used to pay for them.  Not anymore.  Since the health system ruled out all "extras" and advertising from the drug companies, we don't get things like parties for the clients.  Now, the money for food comes out of our budget.  I volunteered to make some cupcakes.  A party needs desert! 

I'm not doing any planned holiday knitting so there is no pressure there.  I am working on something I'd like to have done and probably will but if it doesn't get done, no big deal.  I keep looking at the holiday fo's on ravelry and am constantly amazed by the beauty of the projects.  I was remembering Mr. Rogers and his sweaters.  His mother made all of them.  There were 12 people in her family and she used to pass the pattern book around at Christmas and everyone would choose their sweater for next year and she'd be off!  I don't think I'm that dedicated.

Kate finished moving out and it is so strange to walk up the stairs and see an empty room.  Have I said this before?  If so, I apologize.  It's the first time in 26 yrs we've had an empty room and it's weird.  She is getting settled in her new place.  Remember how that felt?  I bought her some flour, sugar, butter and some cookie sheets so she can have some Christmas cookies of her own.   She's trying to balance work and making her own Christmas traditions. 

So, how are things going in your neck of the woods?


Pain management said…
In a recent survey on pain conducted by the Stanford University Medical Center, arthritis pain was cited as the chief complaint among America’s seniors, with thirty-two percent of the senior population listing arthritis as the specific cause of their suffering. Arthritis does strike children and young adults as well, although it afflicts the mature segment of the population more frequently. It is estimated that 15% of the American adult population suffer from arthritis, and this number is rising, increasing the demand for arthritis pain relief.
amy said…
Well, I feel educated by your first comment there. ;) I have joint pain that comes and goes--it was very bad after my second baby was born. I used to have to wrap my fingers around a warm mug of something in the morning to wake them up. Knitting helped quite a bit, too. Lately I've noticed that one pinky finger is very bumpy and painful. I'm ignoring it for now. I don't want to know yet.

My mother always brought bread and salt over to my new apartments. Something about never going hungry. Once she brought cookies, too, which we all appreciated, since four of us had shared a rental truck and moved out of four apartments and into two. We'd been moving stuff literally all day, and two of the apartments had lots and lots of stairs. Oh, those were the days. ;)
Rose Red said…
Oh moving. I am glad I won't be moving again for some time (all going well...)

I am still in a bit of denial that Christmas is so close...but once I put up the tree I think I'll be in the mood a bit more. I might even do it today!
Bezzie said…
Ha ha! Awesome housewarming present! My sister is shopping for apartments right now and is shaving a lot off the list based on the size of their ovens for cookie baking! Ha ha!

Have fun on your week off! (Oh today's Dilbert of the day calendar reminded me of you and your office hee hee...I wish I had a scanner!)
Roxie said…
Your clients are lucky to have you! So is your family for that matter.

We pretty much have to set our own pace for the holidays and stick with it, don't we?
DPUTiger said…
Mr. Rogers was from Pittsburgh, as am I. His mom always said that she knew which sweater Fred wanted -- the one with the zipper!

He was an amazing man and is still very beloved here in the 'Burgh

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