My computer at work died today.  I got in and the screen was blank.  I don't turn off my machine because we have trouble with IP addresses and if I lose mine I don't get an internet connection.  But today I couldn't revive it.  I was distraught.  Not because all of my work is computer based now, but because I couldn't get online to catch up with blogs and things.  Kinda shows you where my priorities lie,huh?

I did what I could.  I made phone calls and checked charts and prepared for the clinics on Monday and that was done by 11 am.  I had 5 more hours to go.  Fortunately, my treatment plans are all done and my notes are caught up so I didn't have to go find an empty office and use someone else's machine. 

The IT guy agreed with me that it's probably the power supply and he was very sorry but he didn't have a loaner.  As long as it's only a few days, I'll be ok.  After that, I'll go bonkers.  Today I worked on a sock and listened to a book on my mp3 player.  It doesn't sound bad but it made the time go very slowly.

We have a nice weekend of doing mostly nothing ahead.  There's some shopping to be finished but that'll have to wait until we get paid on the 18th.  Some things I ordered online have to be wrapped but that won't take too long.  It feels like a gift to be given a free weekend with no expectations.

Pk and I have been watching videos of Eddie Izzard.  He's a stand up commedian and he's hilarious.  My chest hurt I was laughing so hard.  He's been performing for over 10 years and we've heard of him but never watched.  It was great fun.  Now we're going to cruise netflix to see if they have any other of his performances.

Dinner tonight is red beans and rice.  I'm not a fan of beans but I'll eat this.  It's delicious.  Kate makes 'red and rice'.  She doesn't like beans at all and leaves them out.  Have a good Friday night!


Bezzie said…
Hee hee, isn't that just rice?

I had my power supply on my computer blow up on me at work one day. Singed my leg hair. Hee hee.
Roxie said…
Red beans and rice without beans? OK.

Hope your commputer is fixed wayyy soon!
Jeanne said…
Sorry to hear about your computer - nothing worse than being without one!

Hope you enjoy your weekend!
Kate said…
There is nothing wrong with Red Rice. I mean, I got Patrick to eat it, and he hates most things tomato-based.
Louiz said…
Hope the computer is fixed soon.

Eddie Izzard is a very funny guy.
Amy Lane said…
OMG-- another Izzard fan! I saw him live once! Oh, baby--you enjoy yourself. Eddie is the BEST! (And definitely get your computer fixed!)

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