Well, it looks like my holiday vacation will be a little longer than I anticipated.  I was due to go back to work today but have been running a low grade fever and have had a major sinus headache for the last few days.  After a visit to the doctor, I have a diagnosis of a sinus/throat/ear infection and a prescription for an antibiotic with instructions to rest and drink lots of fluids.  I thought I read somewhere (in a medical journal article) that sinus infections go away by themselves but the doctor said that's not the case.  "the pressure may go away but the bacteria stays and flares up".  Which is what happened to me.  I've been having sinus headaches since Thanksgiving but have taken some excedrin and ignored them.  They finally got to the point where my ear was hurting and I won't tell you what the doctor said about my throat.  Let's just say, it's an image I didn't want to carry around with me.  I called into work and was reminded of the three day rule and the paperwork that will have to be done.......there's a price for everything.  (oh, and the doctor said he was sorry I was sick but he was glad to see me.  He wanted to tell me he'd seen Avatar and wanted to know what I thought about it.  I promised to see it before I see him again for my regular visit in Feb. I love this guy!)

I have almost finished Under the Dome (Stephen King) and it's good.  It's such a spot on examination of group mentality and what a few not-so-good people can do to make life hell for everyone else. 

I finished the socks for Elanor on Christmas Eve.  She loved them and put them right on her feet so there's no photographic evidence.  Pk loved his socks and said he didn't realize they were for him although he watched me knit them.  I needed a simple satisfying pattern to work on that didn't tax my hurting brain so I pulled out my favorite sock pattern, Go with the Flow (from 25 Favorite Socks).  It's my go to pattern when I need something easy.  I used the Patonyle that Ceri sent me and let me say, I'm in love.  I looked for it online and it seems to be available only in Australia.  It is sooooo nice to work with.  It just feels good and the stitches look beautiful.  When the meds start working and my head hurts a little less, I'll work on Pk's sweater but for now, these are it.

I wanted you to see the difference one day of rain and temps in the 50's (11 C) make on 2 feet of snow. 

This is my front yard and street early on 12/19.  And this is what it looked like a week later,  Sunday (12/27) morning after 24 hours of rain.  It amazed us that all that snow could disappear so quickly.  We enjoyed it for the week it hung around.    It didn't take long to clean up the water that came in and Pk has been working in guyville the past two days.  It's cold out there, only 22 degrees (-5 C) but he's getting some things ready for his package that has to be mailed off this week.  Our forcast calls for more snow/rain on Thursday.  I hope it's not too bad because I'd like to go up and see Em and Jim over the weekend.  I shouldn't be contagious at that point. 

Pk and I have no plans for New Year's Eve.  When we were younger, we hosted parties but it's not one of my favorite holidays.  We'll probably find some movies and eat some snacks and just spend the evening together.

What could be better than an evening spent with your best guy?


amy said…
I hope you feel better soon, Donna Lee! Sinus infections can be so painful. I haven't had many but I have very vivid memories of the pain!
Rose Red said…
Ah yes, Patonyle, one of the Australian wool industry's best kept secrets!!

Sorry you are feeling poorly, and that a day or two off work is such a paperwork burden, but hope it does the trick and you are feeling better in time for the weekend.

I like the sound of your NYE party with PK, I think husby and I will be doing the same thing!
Bezzie said…
I wish I had saved that Dilbert comic about sick days--it was so your employer's policy! I hope you feel better soon!

For NYE me and Chunky are curling up on the couch and having an "Office" marathon. I've bet him a dollar he can't stay up til midnight. If he does we'll toast with sparkling peach juice.
Louiz said…
Hope the medicine starts to make you feel better soon, ear infections are really horrible:(

I think we'll be having a nice quiet NYE, too, so hope you have a relaxing day.
Anonymous said…
Nothing could be better than an evening with your guy. 'Cept maybe an evening with your guy without a headache.

Feel better, and Happy New Year.
Roxie said…
Remember to get some yogurt to prevent side-effects from those antibiotics. And rest! Chicken soup is good for infections, especially ear/nose/throat infections. And garlic is a natural antibiotic. Chicken soup with lots of garlic will make you better.

I'm so sorry you're down, but as long as you have to do the paperwork, you may as well stay down for a while. Get yourself the hell well before you soldier up and go back into the trenches.

Lovely knitting! And hooray for your NYE plans. We'll do the same a few hours later.
Galad said…
I got antibiotics for a sinus infection today too. Your post sort of prompted me to go take care of it before the holiday weekend :-)

Hope you feel better soon and have a relaxing couple of days off.
Jeanne said…
I'm so sorry you aren't feeling well, and hope you get better quickly!

Happy New Years!
Jejune said…
I hope you're on the mend quickly, sinus stuff is the pits. Glad you've got such a great doctor, though!

We have very quiet New Year's Eves too - maybe some board games with the kids, and a Turkish dinner (bread and dips and olives and stuff) ... too hot for cooking. Half the time we don't make it to midnight, LOL!

Hope 2010 is a great year for you and your dear family!
Bells said…
i am happy to send you more patonyle any time! I have a bit of a surplus!

I couldn't have dreamed snow would vanish that fast!
Dr K said…
oh gah, sorry to hear about the infection. i got tummy illness from leftover tiramisu myself, it puts a bit of a downner on the hols doesnt it? but then, an enforced slow down is sometimes a good thing.and i am knitting patonyle socks right now too, snap! xx
Amy Lane said…
LOL-- Mate and I spent our New Year's Eve watching old movies with our kids. Like you say, no better way!

I skipped ahead and saw that you're feeling better, and your doctor sounds like a good guy-- but I hope you're still good and healthy when you go back to work!

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