Welcome to pajama day.  I have been home from work since 12/23 and it's been like a lovely bubble of time.  I was sick for part of it but somehow that just makes it feel more like a period out of time.  Tomorrow reality comes roaring back into my life and to help myself prepare for it, I am giving myself a pajama day.  I'm wearing clothes (they're warmer than my pj's and the cold January winds are finding every crack and seam to get to me) but the day will be filled with lazing around and taking it easy. 

I talk frequently about the woodworking that Pk does.  I'm amazed at the beauty of the things he can turn out (willi warmer blockers aside!).  The online woodworking community is almost as large as the online knitting community.  They encourage each other and help newbies and share all their knowledge and experience.  Sound familiar?  I thought so.  They have a galoot-a-clause exchange each December and they send each other boxes of goodies (although they seem to leave out the chocolate which I totally don't get).   Pk got a box with some tools and an recently re-published book.  He is sending out these handles that he made.  I wish you could feel them because they feel smooth and as the wood warms from your hands, they just get better and better.  I think they're beautiful.  Two are from wood from old trees in our yard and the third one is from some exotic wood he got as a gift.  These are going to a man in Australia.  I think he'll get a kick out of handles made with NJ wood. 

In our family, it's better not to tell someone that you "like" something.  Pk made the mistake of telling my cousin Joan that he liked penguins.  From that point on, until she died this past spring, she gave him some of the strangest penguins for Christmas.  Our house quickly filled up with penguins covered with green glitter and other manner of substances.  When Em moved out, Pk tried to share some of these goodies in the form of 'penguinski'.  You know, of course, that penguinski is an ancient expression of deep love.  Yes.  You give the one you love a penguin.  Or more than one.  And even better, you secret it somewhere where they won't find it until it's too late to give it back.

This has been going on for two years and this year Kate got to take part in the joy that is penguinski.  She got penguin salt and pepper shakers that Pk left at her house when we were there for dinner. 
Yesterday, we went to Em and Jim's for dinner and Pk left more examples of his love.  He made some plaster penguin magnets and painted them.  They are now adorning Em's refrigerator. ( I'm afraid they're going to stop inviting us for dinner.)  This was in response to the inflatable penguinski Pk found in his workshop after Em left on Christmas Day. 

Just another day here in the Wood family.

And this is the start of the Mr Darcy sweater made out of my handspun alpaca.  The stitch pattern is something called Dot pattern.  It's boring but it makes a light,open fabric which will be perfect for the extra warmth of the alpaca.  The yarn has just the drape that Pk wants so if I do a good job, this should be a perfect sweater for him.  It's just going to take a good long while.  It took me 7 hours to get 4 inches done.  I keep reminding him I'm a slow knitter.  His birthday is in late Feb and if I work consistently, I may be able to get it done.  Unfortunately, that pesky work thing comes back into the picture tomorrow.  (I really shouldn't say 'unfortunately' since I am thankful I have a job that pays me fairly well and comes with benefits).  I'll hold off casting on for the Travelling Woman shawl until I finish the sweater. 

And now I'm off to make some waffles and cook some potatoes for potato salad for dinner.  Have a lovely, peaceful Sunday.


gay said…
mm waffles sounds like a wonderful day!
Galad said…
The sweater looks so warm and comfy. What a wonderful gift of wooly love :-)
Rose Red said…
I do love a pyjama day! Nice!

The alpacky jumper is looking really good so far - I'm sure it will get faster as you keep knitting. A fabulous thing, a handknitted from handspun jumper!
Bells said…
oh a pj day is one of my favourite things. I've had a few over the break and will have more!

That the woodworking community is as giving as the knitting community was a surprise only for a second. People who love to make things from wood know the value of making something out of 'nothing'. A lump of wood, turned into something gorgeous is no different to taking raw fleece and knitting socks!
Roxie said…
PK is a gifted artist. I LOVE Galoot-a-clause! You heard about the old cowboy that had an unusually large number of sons? When Queen Elizabeth last visited the US, he was formally presented to her because it's a great honor to receive a twenty one son galoot.

Mr.Darcy is lookin' goood!
Amy Lane said…
Penguinski sounds like a lovely tradition-- and your family just keeps sounding more and more like a fantastic group of warm, wonderful people.

OKay--you're going to have to do something about that chocolate thing... it's just WRONG to send stuff through the mail without chocolate!
Louiz said…
Your pj day sounds lovely, PK's handles are fabulous, and I love the idea of penguinski:)
amy said…
oh, penguiniski! I love it!!

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