Good morning!  Welcome to our world. This is what we awoke to this morning.  That's my car.  The plows had just come down the street.  If you make the photo larger, you can see the wall of snow that is building up at the end of our driveway.  Since we're expecting another foot of snow today, that wall will continue to grow as the plows keep making their way through the snow.
This is what it looks like out the back of the house.  I'm sorry all the photos are through the windows. It's snowing hard and blowing all around.  I only had slippers on so going outside wasn't an option.  You can see the picnic table up there on top of the hill.  It's cold.  (duh).  We are ensconced in the house and will stay here all day.  There's no reason to go out.  It looks inviting to walk in the snow but the wind makes it hard to see (or walk for that matter).  When it snowed like this in December, people around here were excited.  Maybe it was because it was near Christmas.  This time however, people have a distinct lack of enthusiasm for the white stuff.  I feel fortunate that we don't have to work or worry about driving somewhere and have the option of staying inside.  I hope the USPS does the smart thing and cancels mail delivery but their motto is "neither rain, nor snow, nor dark of night shall stay this courier from his appointed rounds" so we may get mail.

Pk and I finished our first week of being "gym rats" as he says.  Some thoughts about it:

-there are not a lot of people working out in spandex (thankfully)
-there are a lot of people our age and older (again thankful for the non spandex thing)
-Pk said he has to get a tattoo because everyone else seems to have one
-He also says we need to develop a gym swagger because, again, everyone else seems to have one
-working out with someone else makes it more fun
-the machines really do look like torture devices and someone with an evil brain invented them
-I am stiff but not overly sore at the end of the day and the day after is not as hard as I imagined it would be
-I feel good and virtuous after a workout

I am proud of myself for going yesterday even though my ass was dragging.  It was a tough day at work.  It helps that we are going together.  It's harder to blow it off if there's someone else there.  I felt better after the workout. The emotions of the day got washed away in the sweat.  We went to the diner and had dinner and then came home to wait for the storm.

And now I have to do the laundry.  Chicken a la king for dinner.  I love love love it.  Pk tolerates it but agreed it's a good choice for today.  Nice, thick chicken stew served over biscuits.  When I was a kid, it was served over toast crowns.  You pin the corners of the bread together and pin them with a toothpick.  Pop them into the oven and they brown and crisp up.  You put the stew inside and the "a la King" part becomes more obvious.    One last snow photo........(other side of the back yard)

I hope where you are, you are warm (but not too warm). 


bellsknits said…
so much snow! A winter wonderland - only if, as you say, you don't have to go out in it!

I wonder what a gym swagger is? I'm getting funny images!

Get tattoos!
Julie said…
Pittsburgh is shut down. We're on a fairly main street and no plows or salt trucks yet.

The fun never ends.
Roxie said…
You have a magnificent back yard!

Try tatoos decals for starters. Se if you like the look. I can't imagine getting something that permanent done to me. I like to change my look every chance I get.

I hope you stay safe and warm, and well, powered up through this blast.
Alwen said…
That looks like perfect knitting weather!

I always feel virtuous after using the elliptical, myself. I really ought to get on it more...
KnitTech said…
It's can't be winter still, I've got green making an appearance in my yard.

Grilltech's opinion of the gym.
Rose Red said…
What, PK was in the navy (I think?) and doesn't have a tattoo? Must be a first!

Seeing all these snow pictures makes me so glad we don't get it here - pretty, but not much fun to live in!
handeyecrafts said…
I am so grateful for all you snowbound folks sharing pictures with the rest of us. Snow is just so beautiful
Geek Knitter said…
So many blogs filled with snow photos today!

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