Susan has a "what's on your......" thing going on over at her blog.  Last week, she asked what was on your fridge.  I didn't get a chance to post a photo because I was at work when I read it and then forgot later when I got home. 

This week I'm home (the blizzard is coming! the blizzard is coming!) so I can play, too.  This week is "What's on your Desktop?"  Now, you can think of desktop two ways.  There is the obvious "top of your desk" which looks like this.  You can see the toys there under the monitor.  I have a fondness for windup toys and keep a collection there for amusement.  I also have a wonderful ornament that a former coworker gave me hanging on my lamp.  If you enlarge the photo you can see it.  It's a woman flying through the air with an armload of things.  It says 'tell me all about it' on her side.  She said it reminded her of me and now it reminds me of her.  You can also see Olivia's pod sitting there holding my highlighters.

The monitor has the screen saver running in this photo which is what you think on grows to remind me to be mindful of my thoughts/actions during the day.  The wallpaper on this desktop is this.  One of my favorite photos of Peter Kevin.  It was taken the day he flew in the WWII aircraft.  He had just finished his flight and was exhilarated.  It makes me happy to remember his happiness that day.  And it's a good photo of him.  He looks rather handsome.

I don't have a desk at home.  I do most of my work sitting on my bed with a laptop.  The wallpaper on that machine is this photo.  It was the astromony photo of the day (apod.  If you google apod, you can get a daily astronomy photo)  This one is the Mullica River which runs through the Pinelands.  The lights are a restaurant that burned down a few years ago.  I love how the moon and venus are reflected in the river.  I like how you can see the markers in the river for the boaters to follow. 

So, there's what's on my desktops.  I'm sitting on the bed right now since we are at home. It's freezing rain right now and I can hear it hitting the windows.  It'll make it much harder to shovel later.  I have a feeling I won't be in work tomorrow either.  It's nice to have the day off but it would be nicer if I could get out and do something.  We were just snowed in most of last weekend so it could lose its charm real fast.

We got the snow shovel back from Kate.  We tried several places on the way home yesterday and no one had one.  We'll just have to share it for the time being.  Good thing she only lives a block or so away.


amy said…
I hate winter. Typed as I watch the snow come down and the kids are home and why do they act so much NICER to their teachers than they do to me?? And the baby is a snot machine and she cries every time I try to put her down. Winter. Bleah.
handeyecrafts said…
I have a desk, and still work sitting on my bed!
Kaye said…
If you were closer, I'd loan you one of my three shovels. One for the apartment and one for each car ;-). You can take the girl out of Alaska, but well, you know the rest.
Roxie said…
Freezing rain? Eeeeeewwwww! Spring will come. It will. It will!

Your desktop looks so TIDY!
bellsknits said…
it's always nice when you show that photo of PK. It's just the best photo with such a great story!

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