You know, I'm not going to say anything about the socks.  You knew that all along, didn't you?  I'm not by nature a troublemaker or a tattletale and that's what I would feel like if I mentioned it. I thought of Sock Wars as a game, too.  I was surprised to find that everyone didn't think like I did and some people took it VERY seriously.  I'm pretty sure I won't do it again.  So, 'nuff said. 

Our last two clients of the day yesterday warned us about the blizzard that was coming and how we better make sure to get our milk and eggs and bread on the way home.  I had heard that it was maybe going to snow but nothing about a blizzard. (the joys of not having a television means we miss all the weather hype).  I checked before bed.  No snow.  Not  a flake.  And this morning?  A light dusting of slushy white stuff.  Just enough to make it cold and damp but not enough to impede travel.  We are expecting a storm on Friday/Saturday so maybe that's where the blizzard is hiding.

My body is only slightly sore today.  More achy.  The real test will be when I get to the gym this afternoon....Pk and I are working out our own routine so we can spend our time actually working out and not standing around talking about working out.  Seems like it would be more effective that way.

Did I tell you that Pk and I are grandparents?  Kate and Patrick have adopted a dog named Kobold (no I don't know what it means, if anything. I can't explain them).    I stole this photo from Kate's blog since I don't have a picture of Kobold.  He's about a year old and is a mixture of shepherd and collie.  He's a cutie and full of energy.  Needless to say, my cats were not at all thrilled with this development.  They hissed and made themselves big (the way cats fluff up is so cool to watch) and defended their turf against the intruder. 

Not much else happening here.  I have been trying for three days to make a hat.  I'm trying the Three Sisters hat (I just searched ravelry for the pattern and the search turned up no results and I looked through 30 pages and didn't see it but I KNOW I got it there) pattern.  It's not a difficult pattern.  There's a subtle lace pattern around the edges that is reminiscent of mountains.  I've had to restart this pattern 4 times (might be 5, I lost count).  First, I'm using yarn just a little thinner than the pattern so I adjusted the needle size.  I thought I might have to make it a little bigger so I added a pattern repeat.  Too big.  I've managed to twist the knitting twice.  You'd think I've never knit anything in the round before!  Right now I'm halfway through the 12 rows of stockinette that make up the beginning.  I got sleepy last night and put it away.  So far, it's not twisted and the needle size looks good with the yarn and I think the size will be good.  I hate wearing hats but the reality is that it's cold here in the mornings and I need a hat.  Hopefully, I can finish this hat before the weather turns warm.  (I have a store bought hat shaped like a soft bucket.  Pk thinks it looks "cute").

Happy Wednesday.


Roxie said…
A snow day could be a nice break for you and PK. Be romantic in the livingroom and startle the cats.

My 1943 Webster's Dictionery defines Kobold as, "A domestic spirit, often mischievious; A gnome who haunts underground spaces." I think the mischievious part fits to a T.

Too bad about the sock wars. Some people are just WAAAY too competitive.

I hope the hat turns out happily. You have to model it for us.
Alwen said…
A kobold is a gamer thing, an underground monster with low hit points. (Ooops, my gamer geek is showing!)

What a cute doggie!
amy said…
I have yet another definition for you. A kobold is a sea-spirit type of thing. We have a story called "The Pirate and the Kobold." If you can see him, you're doomed.
Bezzie said…
Hang on to your cute bucket hat! I've heard that Saturday is supposed to herald 6 to 12 inches. So by the time Saturday actually rolls around that hype will make it 12 to 18! Ha ha!
Kate said…
Kobold was taken actually from the Russian word for dog, "собака". We turned it into Kobold and figured out later that Kobolds are the German equivalent of Brownie sprites.
Amy Lane said…
Happy Wednesday to you! I've done that-- the simplest projects can sometimes mess you up!

And congrats on the grandog... sometimes I think my parents love their granddog more than their grandkids!
Rose Red said…
I find it funny that some people get so serious about knitting KALs etc. I'm co-captain of a Ravelympics team and the questions some people are asking (not from my team, but other competitors) are just unbelieveable! The minutest details about the rules! Who cares!! No-one is going to know, and it's meant to fun! It's not like I'm going to be checking everyone's projects to ensure they comply to the letter with the rules!!
KnitTech said…
Building off Alwen, Kobold's tend to be blue.
Dianne said…
That is one handsome little grandson you have there! Emma, Tara and Cooper send him lots of kisses!
DPUTiger said…
That puppy can come visit here any time!

Hang in there with the gym. I've found that I don't get sore from my cardio anymore, but 24 hours after I lift? Yeah. I feel that.

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