I didn't have to look out the window this morning to know it was raining.  Great gusts of rain and wind have been lashing the house since late last night.  Today, the world is wet and windy.  There are large puddles all over the yard (which was snow covered until just a week ago).  I'm watching a small robin look for worms on the front yard in the pouring rain.  Our crawlspace is still dry but probably won't remain so for long.  The pump is nearby and after I eat some breakfast, I'll put it in to be ready.  All of this is fine.  Rain is good.  Unfortunately, this is a grocery shopping week for us so we'll be getting wet.

I finally made it to a yoga class at the gym.  I've been thinking about it since I saw the notice go up that it was available.  I'm really waiting for t'ai chi but I'll settle for yoga. (Now there are two robins running around out front.  I thought they were smarter than that).  I missed the Wed class because it's at 8.  Now, we have been trying to get to the gym faithfully three times a week and have been fairly successful (except for the blizzard and last week when we were both sick).  But 8 pm is not good for me.  It gives me too long to get home and get settled in.  You know what I mean.  Once the clothes get changed and the dinner is consumed, I don't want to go out.  An hour earlier would make a huge difference. 

I was happy to see it was offered at 4:30 on Friday.  I made sure to leave work early enough to get there on time and went into the darkened room.  There were 5 women (of all ages) and one older man and the instructor.  I asked him (Pete) what Power Yoga was.  (I had taken yoga classes while in college and after at a local adult night class about 30 years ago).  He explained that while yoga stretches your connective tissues, Power Yoga also strengthens your muscles.  Sounds good, right? 

In theory it is great.  In practice?  It's hard.  Very hard.  I don't think I have an exaggerated picture of how fit I am.  I KNOW I am not fit.  Thus the gym and the workouts.  I am also not flexible.  Not a little bit.  And today my body is letting me know just how inflexible it really is.

The yoga class went on for an hour.  After 10 minutes, I was sweating.  Not lady like perspiring but rolling-down-your-face sweating.  At 30 mins, I had to sit.  I rested a few and got back up and into the routine.  This is non stop movement and holding unfamiliar poses for 30 seconds while your muscles quiver.  I can't say I loved it.  It was work and after it was over, I felt truly worked out.  There are muscles all over my body that are waking up and saying Hi today.    But I'm a masochist so I'll go back next week.

The third clue in the Evenstar kal came out yesterday.  It looks interesting.  And now I have a nice wet weekend to work on it.  Pk is still asleep.  He woke up choking last night and then couldn't get to sleep again so he's sleeping in for a bit.  (and Roxie, he says he absolutely will wear the socks.  He thinks they look like fire and that's cool).

Pk and Kate and Elanor (and Kate's friend Caryn) are going to a soccer game.  It's a World Cup year (or so I've been reminded) and the US and Turkey are playing in May here in Philadelphia.  When Kate found out, she was so excited.  I ordered them tickets yesterday.  Which brings on a rant if I let it (about how Ticketmaster charges you 2.50 to print your own tickets!) but I'll let that pass.  Don't want all the serenity of the sore muscles to be wasted on a rant.

Wherever you are, I hope your weekend is a tad drier than ours!


Dianne said…
I'm at work today, and there were Canada geese swimming around in our parking lot this morning. Talk about flooded! Better rain than snow, though!
Bezzie said…
Well as long as it's just rainwater in your crawlspace ;-).

It's wet here too.
amy said…
Nope, wet here too, but at least it's not snow. I spent the girl's naptime scrubbing my stove and counters, which caused Husband to remark, "Hey, it looks like we just moved in!" I then showed him where the stuff for cleaning the stove is... ;)

I've always thought I SHOULD do yoga, but I have no interest. It seems like it would be good for me, but... I don't know, maybe someday!
Rose Red said…
Hope the rain doesn't flood you out. It's been a wet week here though, but mostly fairly light rain and then sunshine to dry it all out again.

I read once that if you do the same exercise within 9 days, it helps your muscles adapt quicker, so a weekly bout of power yoga should work wonders!
Galad said…
I won't tell me husband about the soccer game as he'd be very jealous. Hope they have a great time.

I've been thinking about trying yoga but thanks to your post now know that beginner is the way to go :-)
Roxie said…
Bravo to you, power yogini! I'm so proud of you! Best of luck with this.

May the crawl space remain dry and the socks rock on!
Bells said…
oh i've done that sort of yoga - it's not the meditative kind at all is it! It's damn hard work!! And you ache so much afterwards at first!
Jeanne said…
The Yoga class sounds good - very different than the one I take - my is more relaxing and easy. I think a session like yours would be good too - well, except for the pain!

Hope that things didn't flood down there!

Enjoy your Sunday!
KnitTech said…
We woke up to snow on Saturday! Was a tad bit of surpise.
Amy Lane said…
I know what you mean--I'm a realist about my body too--but that didn't keep me from following a yoga tape this morning and looking at one pose... and laughing and laughing and laughing..
DrK said…
your braver than me trying that kind of yoga. i tried pilates once, that was enough. it seems to defy the point of yoga, which i take to be relaxation, but i suspect im wrong about that! hope you havent been flooded?!

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