"Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment."
~The Buddha
This seemed appropriate for Grace in Small Things.
-breaks in the humidity
-having a cool, dark room to sleep in
-the smell of the salty ocean air
-hearing "hello beautiful" from Pk as I get into the car after a long day
This moment I am enjoying a peaceful moment before I pick up the phone and check for messages.  That's when the workday will really start.  But, for this moment, I'll enjoy a little bit of quiet and ease my way into the day with some coffee.
Happy (peaceful) Monday!


bells said…
oh yes. a moment to pause before the start of the day is a beautiful kind of meditation. I like it and would like to remember to do it more often.
Roxie said…
PK is a gem! He should give classes to lesser husbands.

Hope your Monday goes well.
KnitTech said…
I was thinking I should have called in sick on Monday. It's just not fun at all today.
Coffee- the best way to savor the moment and start a new day.
DrK said…
oh fudge. yes indeedy, makes everything right with the world. PK helps too, i suspect :)
Sheepish Annie said…
Oh, those breaks in the humidity are like little bits of heaven, aren't they? Fudge is also good, but it would melt in the heat we've got going on right now...
Jeanne said…
I love the smell of ocean air - and fudge from the boardwalk!

Hope your week is going well
Amy Lane said…
HOpe it was a good one:-)

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