Things here have been quiet.  Real quiet.  I started this post three times but somehow I never liked what I came up with.  Last time, I was commenting on the heat (of course).  We had a period of cooler weather but today it's miserable. 

So, I thought I'd show you this month's offering from Artwalk .  I think this is my favorite (but then I think that of each month that comes along). 

I really like this color.  It's a merino, bamboo, nylon sock yarn mix.  The socks from this will definitely be for me. 

I finished up all the Buffy episodes and I enjoyed it to the very end.  I thought the last two seasons were a little darker and less humorous but that was ok, too.  I liked the way it ended and I liked the message that by sharing power we all become more powerful.  Pretty cool, that.

Pk and I went to see The Expendables (Stallone's new movie) on Friday night.  It was violent (rated R) and I was surprised to see a family with three boys aged about 11 or 12 there.  I know young  boys that age see a lot of violence but this was a bit much.  I like action movies for their escapism but I usually enjoy those with at least a semblance of a plot.  I looked long and hard and couldn't find one.  There was one bright spot.  Jet Li was wonderful.  I love to watch him move no matter how bad the movie is.

And I'm pretty sure I forgot to share a photo of my katie baby with her backpack strapped to her skinny self.  I think the pack weighed about half of what she weighs but she carried it into the woods and out again.  I picked them up about 5 miles further along than they planned but they were a bit tired and it was looking an awful lot like rain.  Patrick, Kate and Pk are planning to go again in the fall when it's a bit cooler.

We saw Em and Jim last night and they took us to a new local diner.  The food was good and the service was good.  The place has only been open for a week and it still smells like fresh paint.  I hope they make it because Em and Jim really like it.  Em is having a fund raiser next weekend to raise money for her three day walk in October.  She has to raise 2300 dollars to be able to walk 60 miles over a 3 day period.   She and her three buddies from work are having some trouble raising enough money so they're having an event at a local sportsbar/restaurant.  Everyone who brings in a flyer with their information on it will have 20 percent of their bill donated to the cause.  She's going to stand outside of the place and give the flyers to people as they go inside.    Em's been training really hard for this and hopefully will raise enough to allow her to walk.

Other than that, like I said, things are quiet here and I have 'summer brain'.  Nothing seems to stick and everything seems hard.  I haven't done much of anything.  I am slowly working on some socks and I did a few rows on the alpaca sweater on Friday night when it was fairly cool.  I did a little bit of spinning but was having trouble paying attention to what I was doing.  It was a fuzzy week and I'm glad it's over.

This week started out busy with CPR recertification class this morning and a clinic with a world renowned mental retardation/mental health expert.  It was a real learning experience.  I enjoyed talking to him and listening to his insights. 

So,here's to a week where my brain is functioning on a clearer level !


Rose Red said…
Hope you have a great week Donna Lee. Your sock yarn looks and sounds just delicious - definitely one to keep!
Sheepish Annie said…
Buffy The Vampire Slayer was one of the best shows to ever grace the small screen. And Angel was right up there with it!! Loved those shows. And now I'm thinking I need to rewatch them...
Anonymous said…
everytime you talk about summer i feel waves of dread thinking about what's headed our way. remind me again next time i complain about winter. i agree about the last 2 seasons of buffy. love the whole spike storyline tho!
Galad said…
We've watched all the seasons of Angel but need to watch all of the Buffy's. Great fun!

Love the yarn - looking forward to seeing the socks :-)
Roxie said…
Oooo, the Artwalk yarn is great!

Don't worry about the dog days. They're part of the normal seasonal cycle. This is why most of Europe goes on vacation in August. Why fight it? You'll feel that Autumnal pep in no time.
KnitTech said…
Go Katie!! Hope she makes her goal.
Love the yarn, so pretty.

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