My neighbor's tree continues to change and grow more beautiful as the days go by.  And the swamp maple in our backyard is also showing off her best dressed look this week as well.

The clouds overhead were seemingly jealous of the trees because they turned pink as the sun was going down.  There was a sliver of moon visible before the sun was completely gone.

And some young girls down the street were trying to sell me a Magic Rock.  I have no idea what kind of magic it does but I told them that I wasn't interested today but maybe tomorrow.  If they remember and come back, I'll ask for more details and buy the rock for a dollar.(their asking price)  Might make a good Christmas gift for someone.....

And speaking of Christmas gifts, I finished one sock and started number two.  I love making monkey socks.  I'm not sure why.  I just love watching each repeat of the pattern build on the last until I have a full cuff and then a foot. 

I'm experimenting with the new camera (can you tell?).  This is an accurate shot of the colors.  It's the nightime flash which doesn't seem as harsh as the regular flash.  I'd probably understand all of this better if I read the booklet but it's over 100 pages long and I just haven't had the patience.  I figure it's like on the job training.  I'll eventually figure out what all the settings do. 

Otherwise, things are moving along toward the holidays.  We have an enormous turkey taking up space in the freezer for Thanksgiving.  We'll be 10 for dinner.  Jim's sister Colleen will be joining us and my cousin and her SO Walter will be here as well as our normal crew.  Walter is a vegetarian so I'll make a dish of stuffing with no meat or meat broth in it and make sure that there is some gravy not made with drippings and made with vegetable broth.

I don't know if you saw this but I'll share it anyway because it gave us a good laugh.  Here's a way to eat Thanksgiving dinner that's unique.  It's a Turkey cake.  That's turkey loaf and mashed potatoes and stuffing and sweet potatoes with marshmallows there.  Oh, and cranberries.  There's cranberry sauce there, too.  It's a pretty thing but the idea of it makes me want to run in the other direction. Colleen hates it when her food touches on the plate.  I have a feeling I could really drive her crazy with this.



Rose Red said…
was that an evil laugh at the end there? I liked it!!
Bells said…
oh that cake makes me feel a little bit sick! It's all wrong!! But it's clever.

That tree is just beautiful as always. Thank you for posting it every year!
Kaye said…
When I was in MI, for 30 days I took a picture of a tree by the mailbox at work in the fall on a disposable camera. I wish I had gotten those pictures developed!

I kind of like that cake--I'll have to run it by Chunky whose birthday falls on Thanksgiving every five years. We could kill two birds with one stone with that pun intended!
Roxie said…
The thanksgiving cake just tickles my funnybone! And it looks so pretty.

What a kind and gracious hostess you are. Hope your feast is fabulous!
abh21 said…
The year I was a vegetarian and pregnant, I had a tofurky for Thanksgiving. You know, it wasn't bad...
Olivia said…
That cake is really something else. Something grotesque! AT first glance it looks like it might be coffee flavoured.

And I'm sorry I missed wishing you a very happy birthday! I hope you have shaken that bug for good and are enjoying life.
Oh, that tree is magnificent. I so love the colours of Autumn.

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