Pk gave me a camera for my birthday so he managed to surprise me after all.  I have a perfectly good digital camera.  It's several years old and is large.  I have borrowed his small "shop" camera when I wanted to take a camera along on  a trip because it slipped easily into a pocket or my purse.

I got a Nikon Coolpix that is slim enough to fit into my purse and charges by plugging it into the computer or into the wall via the adaptor.  It's terrific.  Here's a shot of the birthday cake we enjoyed last night.  Buttercream frosting.  MMMMMM (I can foresee many many minutes spent on an eliptical machine to make up for this!)
We went to the grocery store looking for a special cut of roast for dinner.  They sell it around the holidays but not much during the year and it's melt-in-your-mouth delicious.  Pk asked the butchers in the meat dept if they could cut one for us.  They were very helpful and cut the meat off the bones and then tied the roast back onto the bones to be roasted (and I have some really nice beef bones to make soup out of later).  It was a costly piece of meat but they managed to make it about half of the actual cost for us so it wasn't too bad.  And it was delicious.  I roasted it plain since the flavor of the beef is so delicate.  I didn't want to overwhelm it with seasonings.  We had mashed potatoes and fresh green beans to go along with it and it was wonderful.

Pk and Jim worked on Jim's car most of the day and Em came down later in the afternoon.  We did some knitting and she helped me finish up the dinner preparations.  Kate and Patrick came in at dinner time (Kate had to work) and it was a full table.  El gave me some artwork she had finished for my board at work.

Kate and Patrick gave me a pair of socks worth of Mini Moochi yarn in soft green and purple (the colors are not as bright as this but they photograph funny).  I've used this yarn before and loved the way it knits up.  I've read some unhappy reviews of it but I didn't have any problems.  I know it's a single and not the strongest yarn but the colors are good and it's really soft.

Em and Jim gave me 3 months of the Lord of the Rings sock yarn club.  It starts in January so I'll be getting presents all through the spring.  Win!

Today is the end of DST for us and the day seems to be moving along at a slower pace.  The sun is higher in the sky than it should be for this time of day and my brain isn't used to it.  I've been sitting by the window to get some sunlight and knitting a pair of monkey socks with Burning Giraffe yarn (artwalk sock yarn).  I love how fast monkey socks seem to knit up.  The pattern really seems quick.

There's some spinning happening and a lot of nose blowing.  Pk and I can't seem to shake the bug we had.  It's got its tentacles into our immune system and doesn't seem to want to let go.  We are trying to eat well and get plenty of sleep to see if we can finally kick it out.  It's more annoying than anything. 

After last night's heavy meal, tonight is lighter fare.  Leek and potato soup and sandwiches (and there might be cake left).  It's early November but we still have trees bright with color here.  This does not do the tree justice.  When the sunlight hits those leaves, it's wondrous. I hope it doesn't rain/storm until the tree is done.  I'd like to see it last a bit.

I hope you're all enjoying your weekend.


amy said…
Tried to comment on yesterday's post and the girl woke up. Now it's almost a full day later and here I am. We don't have any sun today, and that extra hour of sleep thing doesn't work at all when there are young kids in the house! Oh how I hate messing with the clocks.

I like all your gifts. And there's nothing wrong with picking out your own gift, either. I saw some beautiful drinking glasses at the farmer's market yesterday and took a business card to give to Chris. He and the kids never know what to get me for Christmas.
Roxie said…
Way to celebrate! And best of luck on kicking that bug. I hate being sick all winter.

What flavor is your cake?
Galad said…
Happy birthday!

Great pictures - I suspect you will love your new camera (and we will benefit also!)

I love buttercream frosting and yours looks particularly yummy. Glad you had
Anonymous said…
yay! a camera for your birthday! they are so tiny and so clever these days arent they? and such great pictures, cake, and beef, and wonderful monkey socks. im always amazed at how fast they go too. happy birthday DL! xx
Rose Red said…
Oh, what fab gifts you received! Little cameras are so handy aren't they!

And that roast beef - yum!! I love roast beef and that one looks cooked to perfection!
KnitTech said…
Happy belated birthday. The roast looks very yummy.
Bells said…
oh a new camera is such a fun thing. Lots to learn! I'll enjoy watching!
Alwen said…
I had a Nikon Coolpix for work back when I was mystery-shopping, and it was a nice little camera back then. Digitals have only gotten better. You'll have lots of fun with it, I'll bet!

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