How about a little Saturday night random?  I have recovered my holiday spirit.  It came in with the snow flakes we got on Thursday.  Locust Street with snow flurries.  There was something about the little bit of snow that finally put me over the top.  I talked to Em today and she found her spirit hiding in a box of star cookies.  It doesn't matter to me where my spirit was hiding as long as it found me. 

Friday night, Pk and I gave up date night and went to the grocery store.  If it weren't for having to give up date night, I'd always go after work on Friday.  It wasn't crowded at all.  I expected a mob since Christmas is coming soon but it was not .  We got food and then went to the liquor store to get rum and wine and beer (for eggnog, wine punch and just plain drinking).  Elanor helped me put the food away and then we were free to do the other holiday chores for the rest of the weekend.

That included shopping.  I went to Delaware this morning with Pk to get some bits and pieces for the gifts he is making.  Then he went with me to the yarn store to get some bits and pieces for gifts.  I was able to find everything I wanted and it felt good to buy it locally.

Next was a trip to Joann's (fabric store) for other gift items and a trip to Best Buy.  Cue the dramatic music at this point.  Best Buy is in Deptford which is home to several shopping centers all in the same 2 mile radius.  It was a madhouse getting to the store.  The store itself (electronics, music, etc) wasn't that crowded and we got what we wanted and got right out but the roads leading up to the store were crowded. (and people are basically insane and driving on the shoulder of the road so as not to have to wait).

 And then an exciting thing happened in the life of my car.  I have an Isuzu Rodeo ( a '94) and today we did this (look at the odometer).  It's a little daunting to think that we put all of those one hundred thousand miles on the car!  This is the coolest thing about having a small camera.  I had it in my purse and could take a photo of the odometer just as it hit 100,000.  (we were stopped at a red light, no risky behavior here).

We also made stops at the farmers' market to get kielbasa for the holidays and then I dropped Pk off at home and went out and finished my shopping.  I got home a little before 6, fixed us a light dinner and now I'm sitting here with my sore feet up and getting ready to plan the cookie baking schedule for the week.  I'll make the list and put it up on the refridgerator.  Hopefully, El will feel inspired and do some of the baking.

This is my monkey socks in progress.  I love all the colors in this yarn.  They're just happy looking socks.  I have been working on the grey sweater and needed some color so I pulled these out of my work bag.  It's a glorious riot of color and soft and just lovely to work with.   I have to pick out the bound off edge and pick the stitches back up on the sweater since the armhole isn't going to be large enough.  I made it to the pattern measurements but I don't like the way it's going to fit so I'll make the armhole a little larger and I think it'll hang nicer.  It's only going to need a few inches added but I think those few inches will make a big difference. 
And in the "you never know when you'll need a handful of roving " department we have my coworker Angelo.  He got hold of a Santa suit and was going to wear it for program but needed a beard.  I had a bag of white roving that I had leftover from the Wellness fair so I pulled out the scissors and some rubber bands and we cut and attached the roving to his face with the rubber bands around his ears.  It's not perfect but it worked.  This only further enhances my reputation as a Martha (stewart) in my office. 

That hot air balloon in the photo used to hang over the changing table when the girls were babies.  I made it about 25 years ago and I now have it hanging in the window of my office at work.  It's just a little bit of whimsy.

And don't we all need a little whimsy?



m1k1 said…
There is something about yarn with a myriad of colours that makes me happy. And to find a pattern that suits it, is a real bonus. Note to self: must make socks, just like wytog (that's you).
Enjoy your cookie baking time and other family togethernesses, and best wishes for the new year.
amy said…
That is the best Santa beard ever!!
Rose Red said…
The socks look great - monkeys really work just so well for brightly coloured yarns.

We went to the shops today - I felt sure it would be a disaster even trying to find a park, but we found a great one almost immediately (hurrah!) and were home within about an hour and a half, which I really wasn't expecting.

And yes, we all need a little whimsy.
Kaye said…
Ha ha! I used the roving for Chunky/Abraham Lincoln's beard earlier this year!! It works good!

So jealous of your snow--and jealous of Locust St. That's where Rosie's Yarn Cellar is right?
KnitTech said…
We went shopping early Sunday morn and it was crazy there. Usually the place is empty.

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