I am not a person who says things like "OMG" or "SQUEEEEE".  Not to say that I don't get excited because I do.  I just don't do the squeee. 

Today, I feel a squeeee deep inside just waiting to get out.  When drk said she was coming to my part of the world I had hoped we would be able to meet face to face.  It didn't look good as her schedule was booked pretty tight and getting into New York City during the workweek wasn't looking good.

Then a small window opened up.  Her train goes from Washington, DC to New York through Philadelphia.  This brings her almost to my doorstep.  I asked if she might want to get off the train to have lunch/dinner/whatevermealisclosest.  And she said Yes!  How cool is that?  She and her sister are coming to Philadelphia for lunch.  Next week!

So, next Sunday (the 12th), I'll finally get to meet drk!  There's that squeeee feeling again!

Now, I just have to settle down and get some work done.  I treated myself to a 4 dollar cup of coffee today at Starbucks.  This is something I don't often do because $4 dollars for a cup of coffee!  I usually make coffee at home and bring it with me or if I'm feeling flush, a cup at the local convenience store for 1.50.  Today is good coffee day.  I have a decaf mocha latte (which for all it's 4 dollar price tag is really good) and a cranberry orange muffin.  Breakfast of champions.

Pk and I are planning to go tree shopping tomorrow and I'm looking forward to it.  We also have to travel to Delaware to his lws (local woodcraft store) for some supplies for his Christmas wips.  He (like so many knitters) has grand plans and I don't know where he'll find the time but he says it's totally doable.  It reminds me of all the ravelry threads that describe what people still have to make in time for a holiday that is 3 weeks away.  And the lists include entire sweaters.  More stress than I need.  I have a half a sock to finish and then everything I planned to knit for the holiday is done.  Anything else is gravy. 

Speaking of stress.  (I am so good at the segues!)  I asked my doctor about lowering the bp meds since I go to the gym and am getting more exercise.  He says "when you quit your job, we'll talk".  He thinks the source of my elevated bp is the stress of my job.  He could be right, it can be stressful.  He also says I probably have bursitis in my left knee which has been acting funky for a few months and said something about injections but I'm holding off on that.   First the x-rays to rule out anything else. 

I gotta go before that squeeee gets loose.  Have a good weekend!


Roxie said…
Repressing squees can cause inappropriate grins, unwarranted bounciness in the stride and expensive coffee drinks. Let 'er rip, baby. Squeee freely. It feels so good!

Have a grand time, and get lots of photos!
I make my own coffee at work for 50 or 60 cents a cup. But this time of year, I let myself have a Starbucks peppermint white chocolate mocha latte.

Enjoy next week!
Anonymous said…
i dont do the squeee either but i can feel it happening too! im looking forward to a cheesesteak sandwich! oh, and, seeing you of course :)
Galad said…
I think having an excited Squeeee is good for the soul. Enjoy!
Rose Red said…
I'm a fan of the weeeeeeeeeeeeeee! (you may have noticed!). I'm very excited that you and DrK are meeting. I might even let rip with a squeeeeeeeeee as well!
Bells said…
i don't squee or weee - am horribly opposed to both forms of expression!

But i'm so thrilled you and Drk are going to meet! Won't that make the world a little bit smaller!
KnitTech said…
Work stress is a biggy. There are something we have no control over.
Jejune said…
How exciting that you're getting to meet DrK!! Wonderful!

Bursitis is no fun, I get it in my right hip joint (psoas) now and then, very painful. Cortisone injections can be extremely effective, worth giving a try if the pain gets too much for you.

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