This has been a wet, windy weekend.  Friday night the clouds rolled in and we waited all day Saturday for the rain to start.  It was windy and then we got bursts of downpour on and off all day.  It was unsettling weather.  Cold and windy with occasional thunder and lightning. 

Hobbes is keeping Peter Kevin company as he picks up sticks and does some clean up around the front yard this afternoon.  The bed under the tree with the spring bulbs could use a weeding but we kind of liked the wild look of the flowers coming up through the grass.

The sun is shining and feels warm but the air is still very cool and damp.  The ground is soggy after the inch and a half of rain we got. 

I made some breakfast and am now working on my kal shawl because the next clue comes out tomorrow and I'm not finished the last one yet. 

The mural at work is moving down the hallway.  We have ducks with a nest and an egg.  And he has started some trees that will surround the bulletin board that has all the required information.  (and the ubiquitious hand sanitizers).  The colors are as soft and muted as the photos suggest which I find soothing and enchanting.  And I've learned that I can elicit whichever response I want by how I ask what people think of it.  If I say, "look what they've done to our walls", I'm likely to get a negative or neutral response.  If I say, "look at the mural we're having painted", I get more positive responses.  The staff continues to be divided.  I'm enjoying watching the creative process.

I managed to get a few photos in the museum on Wednesday before I noticed the "No Photography or Recording" signs and the docents reminded me that taking photos was forbidden.  One of them is of a "quilt" (the label uses this word)  from the early part of the 20th century North Dakota.  I say "quilt" because if you look closely, I think it's crocheted.  It's beautifully colorful and in spectacular shape.  You've got to love granny squares.

There were a lot of interesting displays of clothing bits and sewing machines but I tried to obey the rules and keep the camera in my purse. 

I love hyacinths.  I love the smell and the color and the waxy feel of the blossoms.  Every year I plant the ones I get for Easter in the garden.  If I'm lucky and the squirrels don't eat them, they come up in little bits the next year and then get just a bit bigger.  These are like a scrapbook of spring flowers from years past. 

There are a few red tulips which always seem to come back just as beautiful.  Unless, of course they don't get eaten.  Tulips are evidently a delicacy to the local rodents.

And soon, it'll be time to check on my bags for work tomorrow and put together a lunch and check the gym bag.  I bought some supplies for the health fair on Thursday.  A bag of mill ends of small balls of yarn that I can pair with some crochet hooks or knitting needles and some instructions for anyone who wants a kit to learn.  I've given away so many supplies.  I'm sure not all of them are being used but maybe some are.  I'd like to share the peace and quieting effect that working with my hands gives me.

And that's where I'm headed now.  Back to the shawl.  I'm only on row 165 out of 190 so I have a ways to go.  There's a lot of increasing going on so the rows get longer and longer.  Think of all that peace!

Have a good week!


gay said…
ugh same weather here. but i'm hoping when summer arrives the rain will be left behind! hang in there. love the mural!
I always used to think that 'quilt' just meant blanket (or even a duvet), I only learnt about the specific art of quilting later (and have yet to master it!). Love your mural :)
amy said…
I think the mural is great. Really--LOOK what they've done to your wall! What a great improvement.

I took a craft book out of the library and the author confused crochet and knitting. It drove me CRAZY. You'd think somebody along the production line would have picked up on that.
Alwen said…
I love the exuberance of hyacinths, but I can only take the scent outdoors.
Anonymous said…
oh look at your lovely bulbs! a herald of more sun to come. the mural is just gorgeous, what a great job he's doing. and i was just thinking about the peace and quiet knitting gives me too. great minds :)
Galad said…
I like the mural and would find it very soothing :-)
Roxie said…
Love your photos! The "quilt" may be mislabled because "Afghan" is not politically correct. And Hobbes looks like a splendid supervisor!

Happy, happy knitting! It's so theraputic!
KnitTech said…
We had some strange weather this weekend. Tomorrow is suppose to be cold and sunny. Not sure if I'm ready for hot and sunny yet.
Bells said…
isnt it funny how a different question can bring on a different response? I think that's worth remembering.

I agree with leaving the weeds and grass around the bulbs. I like them poking through undergrowth!

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