"Your work is to discover your world

and then with all your heart give yourself to it."
~The Buddha

Isn't that a nice thought for a Monday morning?  I had a post in mind but haven't loaded the photos so it'll have to wait.  We had a good weekend. 

Saturday, I cleaned and did laundry and fell asleep every time I sat down.  I think I may need to go to bed earlier or have a blood test done to check for Iron Poor Blood (remember Geritol commercials "my wife, I think I'll keep her")?  I attempted to work on the shawl kal but was having some problems with numbers ( as of the end of the last clue, my stitches are correct so it's something I'm reading incorrectly) so I put it away and spent some time spinning and working on a pair of socks.

Yesterday, Pk and I decided we didn't feel like cooking brunch and went to a local place called The Bistro.  It was eh.  I make better omelettes.  I had a California omelette (roasted peppers, tomatoes, asparagus and monterey jack cheese).  Sounds good, doesn't it?  It had no real flavor.  I love roasted peppers and make good ones and now I have a yen to make some.  Pk had a Meat Lovers' omelette and he felt the same way.  It was underwhelming.

Oh, well.  We tried something new.  We came home and consoled ourselves with donuts.....

We have to make a concerted effort to make the gym a regular part of our lives again.  We go  in a willy nilly way and that's really not helping.  I like to eat far too much and I'm getting too old to depend on my metabolism to burn off the calories.  I am not buying new clothes just because the old ones don't fit.  So, off to the gym we go. 

We went to Em's house for dinner and cake.  The cake I made came out wonderfully.  It was moist and chocolaty and I made a plain buttercream frosting.  Yummy.

She loved her present.  We got her a starter kit from Earth Hues.  It's filled with bags and bottles of stuff for her to dye fabric and yarns and rovings.  She was eyeing my white t shirt with the opinion that it would look so much better after a dip in the dye pot.  I politely declined.  All of the ingredients are natural, no chemical dyes.  (so it's filled with parts of bugs, and roots and other lovely natural stuff).  She can't wait to get started.

Jim fell ill with a migraine while we were there so he missed the party.  He was sleeping when we left.  He missed Pk and Patrick playing Left 4 Dead (zombie killing game).  I think they killed each other more than the zombies. (I just texted Em and Jim is better today, thank goodness.  Tired but the pain is gone)

And now today is Monday and I am at my desk getting ready for the day to start.  It's supposed to be warm this afternoon but I'll wait and see.  It's hard to make the transition from weekend mode to work mode some weeks.

I'll upload the photos and show you our budding bits of spring later.  Now, it's time to answer the phone......


Roxie said…
Don't know if I'm brave enough to give myself whole-heartedly to my world. There are some people in it that aren't fit to be given a rag doll, let alone my tender heart. What does Buddah say about idiot self-sacrafice?

Hope you have a great week. May the sun shine on your journey!
KnitTech said…
What a wonderful sounding weekend. Sorry the brunch out wasn't as good as you wanted. That's the sucky thing about being an excellent cook, few are as good as you are, even the ones who are suppose to be.
Alwen said…
Our rating for food like that is "Okay, but not great".

My metabolism hit that wall, too. Luckily my job involves a lot of physical work!
Olivia said…
Funny you mention it, I believe Mary Chapin Carpenter's wonderful feminist song "He thinks he'll keep her" was inspired by that Geritol commercial.
Bells said…
oh omelettes are so easy to do badly! I never order them out because I like how I make them - in fact i had mushroom omelette tonight with our eggs and was very happy with it!

The quote you opened with reminds me of a line from a song by singer-songwriter Dar Williams - this world can't be saved only discovered.

It resonates with me every time I hear it.

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