The season's first Penguinski score goes to Kate this year!  She managed to visit some penguin love on Peter Kevin while she was here to cut some holly branches off our tree. 

Of course there will be retaliation........

Things here have been fairly quiet.  Life has been work and home and sleep.  I have been busy at work but that's a good thing.  They finally came and installed my new phone so now I know who is calling.  It makes life easier.  Pk has been busy coding at work.  He enjoys doing the computer work but has an exacting boss.  She's a difficult to please workaholic.  She keeps him on his toes.

He and I had date night tonight.  We go out most Friday nights but always on payday weekends.  Tonight we saw a movie and had dinner.  We saw the new Sherlock Holmes movie.  Don't waste your money.

To be fair, Pk liked the first one and I didn't.  I will admit I am not a Holmes fan to start with (although I do like the BBC version with Benedict Crumblebatch (I love his name!)).  But even Peter Kevin didn't like this movie.  It was gimicky with a needlessly complicated plot line.  I would have cheerfully left in the middle.  I stopped caring what happened.  I'd be interested to know if anyone else sees it and likes it. 

We have a few things to get done this weekend and upcoming week.  Tomorrow I have to go grocery shopping and then wrap the presents that I've bought and I have some sewing to do.  Sunday, I'll finish up the shopping and hopefully wrap the rest of the presents.  I tried to do some shopping last weekend but just didn't feel up to it.  I like Christmas shopping and I'm looking forward to it.  I also love all the behind the scenes sneaking around and hiding of presents that goes on this time of year.  I love surprising people!

Monday we start cookie baking.  I'll make several kinds but fewer of them.  We just don't need them around the house and if they're here, we'll eat them. 

I'm trying to take off the four days between the holidays but might have to work a half day.  I am 3 hours short of 4 full days.  I mentioned it to my supervisor this morning and he said, "we'll talk" so maybe he'll help me out.  I hope so.  I look forward to these days off and just miscalculated my vacation time.  He's a good guy and all in all a good supervisor.  He doesn't micromanage our department.  He has good folks working for him and he lets them do their jobs.  If I have to go in, I'll work Tuesday morning for a few hours and Pk said he'll go into his job, too.  We'll have lunch together or go to the art museum for the afternoon.  I have a good husband. 


Roxie said…
You have a magnificent husband!

So where did the penguin show up? I love your tradition!
DrK said…
i hope you get your 4 full days but even your fall back arrangement doesnt sound too bad. yay for OK. i love that BBC sherlock as well, so clever. the new movies leave me cold, i usually like Robert Downey Jnr but he is NOT sherlock holmes. hope your last preparations go smoothly. im trying to wind down this week at work. then i have 3 weeks off. cant come soon enough.
DrK said…
and i meant yay for PK, of course!
Bells said…
Oh I hope you get the 4 days off! What a lovely bit of downtime that will be for you.

Agree re the baking, too. I'm going to do some but mostly not until close to family arriving. Then they can eat them!
KnitTech said…
Yea, I didn't like the commerials for the new Sherlock. Now I'm glad we didn't go see it.
Amy Lane said…
Alas, I LOVED that movie! But then, I'm sort of a goober who likes needless explosions!

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