I haz mittens!  They took a while but the weather has cooperated and been actually warm enough this past week so I didn't need mittens at all. 

The pattern is Hansa Mittens.  I used September's artwalk club yarn  (White over Red by Mark Rothko was the painting) and some Knitpicks merino/silk sock yarn.

The pattern was not hard to follow and I haven't decided whether to block them yet.  Maybe next weekend.  If I do it now, they won't be dry to wear them tomorrow. 

They are a bit big (also a reason to maybe not block them, I don't need them to grow any).  The tips of my fingers come to the part where the decreases start.  I wonder if I wash them and throw them into the dryer for just a bit if they'll shrink.  I'm not sure if the yarn is superwash or not. 

But I'd hate to ruin them after all that work.  I'm going to weigh the yarn and see if there's enough for a pair of footie socks with contrasting heels or maybe a hat.  I still need a hat since the beret I made was big enough for two heads to wear it simultaneously. 

Pk and I are having a Harry Potter marathon.  I know, you're all jealous over our glamourous and exciting existence.  8 movies in 3 days.  Today we have the last three.  When I finish here, we'll start and finish by 9 or 10 tonight.  It's good for plain knitting and maybe I can finish my scarf, too.  I mean, winter's only half over after all.

Handle with Care went well on Friday.  Just a few achy muscles and a jammed toe.  I was taking someone down and the toe of my sneaker got caught on the wood floor.  It's not too bad and I don't wear pointy toed shoes to work so I'll be fine.  Just a bit of a bruise.   And now we have three new trainers and have to gear up to start the training sessions in April.

It's February already!  Pk has a birthday this month (he's a Pisces) and we'll take a long weekend for it.  That'll be our holiday that gets us through until Memorial Day.  Work is good but vacations are necessary.  I can usually tell.  It's when I start getting irritated at my office mate for putting papers all over his half of the office (table, desk, floor, vent).  I'll have to remember to take a photo.  One person we were interviewing for our program noticed that half of the office was neat and half was a disaster area.  I would find it frustrating to have to look for things all the time. 

Is your work area neat?  Or are you a 'creatively messy' person?


amy said…
I never block mittens. I can't see a reason why it would be necessary, but maybe I'm missing something?

I'm creatively messy, but when I worked in an office, I was neat. I left my desk tidy at the end of every day and came in the next morning with everything that needed to be worked on right there, waiting. (Virgo.)
Rose Red said…
I always wished I was a neat work person but I'm afraid I am a "piler" too. But I (pretty much) always knew where things were!

The mittens look great.
Roxie said…
I use an organic organizational system. Whatever I used last is nearest. Paperwork settles into geological layers, fabric for a new quilt is piled where I can see it and re-arrange the colors, and a week's worth of pants and skits stacks up on my bathroom counter waiting to be hung back in the closet when I'm done with them. My favorite sis-in-law used to say that I could make a mess with a toothpick and a glass of water. She quit saying it when I told her I didn't really need the glass of water.
Galad said…
Creatively messy here. Wish sometimes that I had the neatness gene but alas it is not to be.

Love the mittens - so pretty.
DrK said…
i am messy for a while then i get frantic and have to have completely clean surfaces! my work desk gets piled with papers everyday but i try and stack them neatly before i leave at least. the mittens look great, i would be hesitant to wash them though, you dont want them to felt... or maybe just a little bit? i love rothko, great inspiration!
Olivia said…
Beautiful mittens! I am kind of messy, at home and at work, but I can (almost) always find things. Chronological piles work quite well. I once worked for a manager who was super messy (his desk was always a massive paper avalanche waiting to happen, and he just didn't file anything at all ever... so he's my benchmark, as long as my desk doesn't resemble his, I'm ok.
KnitTech said…
My desk at work is pretty neat and orderly. Home? Paper everywhere.
Dianne said…
Those mittens are gorgeous! I have never blocked mittens, or socks, for that matter. I don't think I would be brave enough to toss those lovely mittens in the dryer to try and shrink them. I would wear them as is, and just tell myself that my fingers are enjoying the extra room! LOL
Bells said…
The mittens are fabulous. They're making me even more keen to do some colour work this year.

I'm not sure I'd wash them either - at least not until they're dirty!

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