Here at work we are in a state of un-settled-ness.  I don't know how else to put it.  Everyone is unsettled.  It started with the announced and predicted budget cuts (which we are still waiting to hear the fallout from).  Everyone still has a job so it was all good.

Last Friday, we got an email saying our Executive Director was resigning and that day was her last.  This came out of "a clear blue sky" (as my mother used to say).  We were stunned, shell shocked, surprised, pick your word for having your feet completely knocked out from under you.  I mean no warning at all.

I went up to see  her before she left because we had worked together on several projects for the last 8 years and I wanted to say goodbye if nothing else.  She wanted it this way.  No notice, no fanfare, just walk out the door at the end of the week and not come back (sounds a lot like my fantasy Friday).  She has plans to work with international relief agencies and travel and said she was ready for this.  I wish her well but would probably have handled it a bit differently.

That was No 1.  We had a doctor retire in May and we're still waiting for the credentialling to be finished on her replacement and our Fellow is done so she's gone (we have doctors come on Fellowship.  They're called Fellows).  One other doctor is leaving in 2 weeks for a 12 week medical leave for surgery.  This left us with 2, count 'em 2, doctors to service 1,000 or so people.  Not a pretty picture.  We have been scrambling.

Wednesday morning, I learn that the doctor who works the Intellectual Disabilities clinic (individuals with ID and mental health problems) is leaving in mid September to take a job somewhere else.  Sucker punched again.  Don't get me wrong.  I'm happy for him.  He's young and has a pregnant wife and they have to do what's best for their young family.  But DAMN. 

Our acting Medical Director says she's "on it" and has some good candidates to fill all positions but it seems to take so long to bring anyone on board here.  I am covered for the doctor having surgery.  I have prescriptions for all her folks and I can triage them and get them to a doctor if they need one or just give them a script if they're stable.  But the Intellectual Disabilities clinic is a bit more complicated.  And finding another doctor who is interested in working with this population is not easy.  They usually have no formal training and I have "trained" the last 3. I have worked with this population of adults for almost 30 years so I know somewhat of what I'm talking about.  Now, I get to break in another one. 

So, yea, unsettled.  And working hard to keep up.  Hamsters on wheels is the imagery in my head right now.

On a positive note, I finished Elanor's May socks.  I have a photo on my phone but can't retrieve it since I'm at work.  I'll show you later.  She loves them.  I'm only 2 (and soon to be 3) months behind so it's not too bad.  June and July and August are going to be footie socks so I have a chance to catch up if I only knit on socks for the next month. 

We have a quiet-no-plans kind of weekend coming up.  Probably a good thing since it's going to be a million degrees and very humid.  Not moving is the only way to handle it, otherwise you are a walking puddle.  I think we've run the a/c in our bedroom more this year than we have in years past.  The temps haven't been dropping as much at night so we never cool down.  The a/c is what allows us to sleep.  And sleep is all important if we have to get up and to to work.  Which, of course, we do.

I'd like to spin some this weekend.  I haven't touched the wheel since the Tour de Fleece ended.  I won a prize from my Team! In a random drawing I won a custom color Cupcake box of spinning fluff.  I love Joan's batts so this is a great prize.  I'm not entered in the Ravellenic Games (the games formerly known as the Ravelympics) this time around.  I didn't want any pressure to knit in the heat.  I'm glad I didn't.  There have been days when I've been just too pooped to pop.  My bp meds make me more sensitive to the sun/heat so I'm taking care to sit still and sleep whenever possible.  (sounds good, huh?)

Well, I have a pile of charts on my desk that is (no lie) 2 feet high waiting for my attention so I should probably go to work.  Have a safe and happy Friday.  We're heading off to the bookstore to sit in the a/c and enjoy a tasty beverage and read all the magazines after work and then home to just BE.

Have a good one!


amy said…
Oh my goodness, Donna Lee. what a lot of work stress. Hang in there.

I don't think I'll finish my Ravellenic project in time, but it's lace so at least it's not hot to knit on.
amy said…
Oh my goodness, Donna Lee. what a lot of work stress. Hang in there.

I don't think I'll finish my Ravellenic project in time, but it's lace so at least it's not hot to knit on.
Roxie said…
It really stinks when these things happen at work. You feel so out of control and helpless, never knowing when the hammer will fall or on whom. And then with the doctors dropping like flies - bless your heart. The place would fall apart without you. You DESERVE a quiet weekend!!
Olivia said…
I hope things settle down for you soon. It's often the steady few people who have stayed with an organisation for a long time who really hold things together - I hope they know your worth!
Saren Johnson said…

Go do something nice for yourself. Besides, I know it ends well.
Bells said…
those sorts of sudden events that bring about immediate change in the workplace ARE unsettling. I know exactly the kind of feelings you describe!
Rose Red said…
Way behind on my blog reading - sorry to hear about this - these sorts of work changes are unsettling, and especially so many at nice.

As Olivia said, I really hope they know your worth - I suspect they don't appreciate you in the way they should, unfortunately. You deserve a big bouquet every week!

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