Here I am sitting at my desk on my last day of work before the long holiday weekend.  I am struggling to stay awake.  Pk fell asleep without his cpap mask last night and I didn't have the heart to wake him up to put it on.  After all, he was asleep, right?

Well, half an hour later, he woke up in a panic because he felt like he couldn't breathe and had to get out of bed for a bit until he calmed back down.  We finally got him settled and put the mask on and he slept (which means I slept).  I won't make that mistake again.

So, I'm a bit sleepy this morning.  I don't have a particularly busy day.  Group this morning and then several treatment plans to get done for the month of November.  I have to remember to change the message on my phone and with any luck, I'll leave here a bit early today.

For the first time in 30 years, I don't have to get up early and start cooking.  We always eat Thanksgiving dinner at our regular dinner time so I didn't have to get up at o' dark thirty to get it ready but I couldn't just putz around in the morning either.  After all these years, there's a Plan and a rhythmn to the holiday that will be disrupted tomorrow since I am not cooking.

Em is.  She has a Menu (although how she gets away with making possible changes to what has been an unchanging feast is beyond me.  I suggested one tiny change one year and you'd think I'd said Let's Cancel Thanksgiving!).  I am looking forward to going and sitting down and letting her take over.  I'm bringing appetizers.  We're making herbed cheese and stuffing it into vegetables and bringing some crackers to eat with it.  Next year, I'll cook the meal.  This year?  I'm enjoying the time off.

Pk, El and I will have Second Thanksgiving on Sunday so we can have our leftovers for the next month.  I bought a smaller turkey (only 17 pounds) and won't have to make so much food.  There will be pumpkin and mincemeat pies and our favorite stuffing.  It makes me hungry just thinking about it.

I have a solution to my sweater problem!  I contacted Joan of the Meat Sheep Fiber Co..  She also owns the Cupcake Fiber Co.  Joan makes the most wonderful and easy to spin batts imaginable.  Her colors are gorgeous and the preparation can't be beat.  I explained my problem and I am sending her my swatch today so she can see what material I am working with and what color.  I am not sure what kind of wool it is and the color is hard to describe or even photograph accurately.

She is going to dye some coordinating rovings for me and then I will use them for a simple design on the yoke of the sweater to stretch my main color so I can finish the collar and button bands.  It will make a slightly different sweater than the one I imagined but that's ok.  It'll still be warm and sturdy and beautiful. 

There are so many things I'm thankful for (and Joan and her talent are one of them!) this year.  We made it through another year with no major medical issues.  We are all healthy and together and that's enough for me.  We have jobs, a place to live and food to eat.  I have arms to hug me (and to give hugs when needed) and people who love me and whom I love. 

I am truly a blessed person.    If you're in the US, then  I wish you a  Happy Thanksgiving.  I wish you all blessings and joy.  If this is a "thursday as usual" for you then I wish you a speedy day so the weekend is upon you soon.

We will not be out shopping on Black Friday.  We will either be driving through the woods or sitting somewhere comfy with some tea and something to knit.  I hope your day is as peaceful.


amy said…
Happy Thanksgiving, Donna Lee. You're on my thankful list, for sure. Enjoy the day off from being the chef!
Roxie said…
Blessings and joy to you! What a lovely time you are going to have, with two thanksgivings. Yes, you really do need your own leftovers! Hope the holiday is as warm and bright and loving as you are!
roseredshoes said…
I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving with your family - what a blessing to not have to cook!
I am glad you found a solution for your jumper, I think it will be lovely with a patterned yoke. And spinning more yarn will spread out the pleasure of making it for just a little bit longer.
I love your pink and grey mittens (even though I don't do pink!). The colours look great together.
DrK said…
we dont do thanksgiving here, but i have so much to be gratefull for, i kind of made up my own. im glad you have a day off from the cooking, and i know you will have a great time with your loved ones xx
Bells said…
the idea of crazy shopping on a public holiday just scares the hell out of me. And after thanksgiving? It just seems wrong. I think your day sounds much better!

I hope you all really enjoyed your day and that Em survived her turn at hosting!
Saren Johnson said…
I'm glad you got the sweater worked out!

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