In case you were wondering how we fared during Winter Storm Nemo (yes, we are naming our winter storms now, too-some folks just have too much time on their hands!), I took this photo yesterday morning with my ipad.   I'm not usually thrilled with the photos it takes but this one is not bad.

After much back and forth as to how much snow we were likely to see on Fri night/Sat morning, we ended up with about an inch.  Just enough to barely cover the grass and to melt off the sidewalks without any shoveling.

I had Handle with Care Trainer training on Friday.  It's an 8 hour restraint training class for folks who then go on to train other folks.  It's mostly security guards from the hospital.  I was partnered with a guy I see frequently for most of the morning but then I got a new guy who wrenched my shoulders back in a most painful manner.  They are still protesting.  Otherwise, the training is not onerous.  It helps me remember small bits that I tend to forget.  Now we will set up our training schedule for the next year.

Pk and I hit the grocery store on Friday after work.  It was fairly crowded but not impossible.  We got our bimonthly shopping done within a normal amount of time.  When we saw how messy it was getting by the end of the night weather-wise, we were glad we went.

Saturday, I did the laundry and blocked out my Fall Forest Canopy Shawl.  This is the bfl/nylon I spun into a 2 ply laceweight yarn for the Tour de Fleece.  The shawl came out just as I imagined with all the colors of Fall leaves.  It's light and airy and I enjoyed knitting it.  There's something extra enjoyable about knitting with yarn you've made yourself. 

I finished one of the Noro socks for Pk's birthday and had him try it on.  He loves the fit (I made the heel pocket a bit deeper than normal) and really likes the colors.  I have some colorful socks otn for me and also the Madli shawl which I cannot seem to make myself work on.  It is a lovely knit but rather boring.  I wanted to make the Ancient Woodland by Miriam Felton) and have a forest green alpaca/silk to use so maybe I'll pick that one up.  I've been admiring it for a long time. 

There is also a new LOTR pattern coming out this week that I've been waiting for.  So many choices. 

One of my goals today was to give myself a manicure and paint my nails red.  I never had red nails until about a month ago when I sat and played with some red polish.  I loved the look.  I have very pale skin and the red highlights that.  But (and this is a big BUT), it's a pita to apply.  I end up with fingers that are red all over because I am not an accomplished nail polisher.

I opted to spend the 12 dollars and get a manicure.  Scarlet O'Hara red.  She did such a gorgeous job.  I went into the drug store and found a color very close so I can touch it up.  One of the problems of a darker color for me is that I am a bit obsessive about it.  I can't stand it when my polish gets chipped.  It's one of the reasons I usually get a light pink polish.  I am living dangerously here but I really like it and Pk remarked on how much he liked it.

I treated myself to a pedicure about 2 weeks ago when our temps were so balmy. I bared my winter weary feet to the fresh air and let the manicurist work her magic.  My feet feel so nice and my toes are a lovely shade of red.  I don't usually get my feet done in the winter.  I let them alone and just keep the nails cut.  It amazes me how nice it feels to look down and see my pretty toes looking back at me. 

We watched some episodes of Elementary.  It's the new Sherlock Holmes with Lucy Lu as Dr Joan Watson.  I like it.  I like this version more than most of the others I've seen.  I'm not a Holmes devotee so I'm not picky as to details of character.  I like the flawed nature of this version and the fact that he is not very arrogant.  I'm going to add it to my hulu queue.

It's a lazy Sunday afternoon here.  I'm going to put a chicken in the oven to roast in a bit.  I'm going to stuff it with clementines and some rosemary.  Originally we were going to have bread stuffing but we've had our carb limit for the day so maybe some bulgur wheat or some brown rice and vegetables.  We both had dr visits this week and while my pressure is within normal limits, she wants us both to pay more attention to what we eat.  I wish carbs weren't so delicious. 

Namaste sent me a replacement bag.  They are not selling this particular bag any longer so if I have a problem with this one, I think I'll try to fix it myself.  I think I can, as long as I keep Pk from taking it apart for the magnets!  I weighed it and fully loaded with my everyday stuff, it's 11 pounds.  Not too terribly heavy to my mind. 

Well, whatever you're doing this afternoon, I hope it brings you joy.


Rose Red said…
Your shawl looks great - the yarn is perfect.

Loving your red fingernails! I don't usually paint mine either, because of chipping (and I'm always a bit messy too), but it is nice to do it sometimes!
Saren Johnson said…
I don't paint my nails either, and the people at the nail place don't cope well with that. To them ALL women must have brightly colored fingers and toes.
DrK said…
i dont want to talk about what im doing this afternoon. its hurting my brain. i love looking at your nails, ive been getting a readlly deep blood red from OPI on my toes, and i was thinking of fingers too, at the moment they are a pinky white, which i can manage myself. your little bit of snow looks lovely. i think i will miss out on snow by the time i get there, maybe a freak storm in chicago or something if im lucky. your shawls look lovely, i gave up on madlis too, the nupps drive my crazy.
Galad said…
The shawl came out beautifully. I haven't done a shawl yet, but I'm getting inspired.

I always get a rich rose red when I get a pedicure. Chipping can be a problem but I still think it is worth it. I agree with PK - it looks good :-)
Anonymous said…
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