This was Sunday afternoon in our neighborhood.  Elanor and Pk and I decided to go and get our Christmas tree because it would be fun to go while it was snowing.

Well, it was snowing a lot harder than we thought and by the time we got to the tree lot, all the trees were completely snow covered.  The young men working there were using leaf blowers to clear them off and they just got covered right back up.

I think they said the snow fell at over an inch and hour and it was so beautiful. 

But by the time we got home, as you can see, the front steps were covered and the snow kept falling until we had about 10 inches.  It was a beautiful day (because I could watch it from the front window with a cup of hot buttered rum and some knitting).

I am making myself another pair of mittens.  I felt like doing a little colorwork.  I find it interesting but not terribly difficult so I can listen to a book.  This is some Manos de Uruguay that Kate gave me for my birthday and some white Australian Wool that Kylie gave me when she was here earlier this year.  These will be international mittens.

I started a pair for Pk in grey and red (manly colors) and with a celtic know motif on the backs of the hands.  It took a long time to find a pattern he felt was masculine enough.  (the pattern even has a scorpion that can be put on one of the palms but he said no). 

I spent all day Saturday sitting and working on these because my body was sore and turning purple in places I have never been purple before.  On Friday morning, I fell in the crosswalk of Walnut Street (I tried to step over a large puddle-it was raining-and tripped on the curb).  I fell flat on my face.  And people kept walking on by me.  My friend helped me up and I was soaked and dirty but otherwise ok.  As the day wore on, the soreness became more evident and by nightfall, the bruises were starting to show themselves.

Today, I am still purple but not as sore.  Advil, hot showers and rest helped.  When I was cleaning out my purse (I ruined it), I discovered that I fell hard enough to crush an altoids container!  This explains some of the purple.....

And today it is snowing again.  I must admit to feeling a bit happier when I look out the window and see the snow falling.  I know it will be a mess going home but what are you going to do?  I can't change the weather, I just have to deal with it.

Preparations for the holidays are moving along and I am looking forward to it.  I am taking off almost 2 weeks and I never do that.  A real break and time to just unwind and vegetate and regenerate. 

But, in order for that to happen, I have to do some work so off I go.  Unfortunately, the paperwork doesn't do itself.


Galad said…
Glad to hear you are recovering from your fall. It's such a scary thing to feel yourself going down and not be able to stop it. I always loved to watch the snow while snug inside, but don't miss shoveling or trying to drive in the stuff. Those mittens are so pretty. I don't do much colorwork but do have a pair of dragon mittens in mind for Nicole one of these days.
Olivia said…
Ow, that fall sounds horrible, and I'm glad you didn't suffer any serious injuries - except to your purse of course!
Saren Johnson said…
That was a hard fall, glad to hear you're better.
Roxie said…
OH, your mittings are gorgeous!

So sorry you had a fall. And so very sorry that people walked right on by. SHAME on them!! Stay warm and pamper yourself, and have a splendid holiday!!
DrK said…
oh my goodness, im sorry to hear about your fall! i cant believe people didnt help?! what is WRONG with people?? i hope you are recovering ok this weekend. oh the snow donnalee, that gorgeous beautiful snow. sob. take care, not long to holidays no xx PS LOVE the international mittens :)
Rose Red said…
Look at all that snow! I would have no idea how to manage with snow!

I'm sorry about your fall, I hope you've recovered ok now. I can't believe no-one stopped to help you, sigh. Not much Christmas spirit around.

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