My rose bushes are blooming so beautifully.  They have almost doubled in size since we planted them.  I am now looking around for other places to put them.

I am running on very little sleep today.  It's all "woman getting older hormonal issues" and there's nothing I can do but cope with it as best as I can.  I know I will eventually get back to a more normal sleep schedule but for now 2 or 3 hrs a night seem to be all I get.  It goes nicely with the sudden power surges.  My whole body just feels off.  I have warned the people around me that today is not a good day to push my buttons.

There is a bit of positive news.  Peter Kevin had what sounded like a good phone interview yesterday.  The interviewer said she was suggesting he be called for a face to face so we're crossing our fingers and trying not to get too excited.

Memorial Day was such a nice day.  Valley Forge is such a beautiful park.  We sat in the shade and talked and ate and generally had a nice low key day.

On Monday I tried a recipe for Nanaimo Bars.  These are evidently quite the sensation in the Pacific Northwest and Canada.  They are delicious but oh so sweet.  More like candy than cookies. 

I also used up all the left over bread and rolls from the Memorial Day picnic and made a pan of bread pudding.  I love this stuff and could eat it by the bowlful.  Pk says it's for "poor people" and he won't eat it.  I imagine it was originally just a way for people to use up stale bread and maybe some extra eggs but nowadays, bread pudding has become a gourmet dish in some places.  This one is plain, just egg custard and bread.  I didn't even wait for it to cool off last night.  True comfort food.

I finished the middle square of my shawl and have had to rip out the edge stitches once to make sure I have the correct number.  I didn't want to do any fudging.  Last night I managed to get all 600+ stitches put back onto the needle extension and it's ready to start the edge lace. 

Pk and I also found some time to go see Godzilla on Tuesday.  It was as entertaining as all get out.  It was a pretty good remake.  Just enough of the original flavor to make it fun but enough new material to make it interesting.

And now I am off to jump into my (hopefully) interesting day--or at least interesting enough to keep me awake.  No easy feat that.


Saren Johnson said…
Grilltech loves bread pudding also.

Good luck PK!!
Roxie said…
All best wishes to PK, and all best wishes for your hormone fluctuations.

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