No 2

Here it is January 8th and I have yet to go back to work.  I think the last time I was off for this long was when I had eye surgery to repair the torn retina.  

In all fairness, I was ready to go back last week but we became a House o' Plague and I had to put off returning to work until tomorrow.  Pk got sick right after Christmas.  He was not back to himself so we stayed home on New Year's Eve and were in bed just after midnight.  We watched soccer games and ate good food and drank the end of the egg nog.

I was all packed and my clothes were all washed and ironed and hanging in the closet. I even shined up my shoes.  But then, I became the next to fall to the plague and didn't make it back to work.  The head cold became a sinus infection and it wasn't until the antibiotic had a chance to work that I began to feel better.  (Of course there are all the downsides to the antibiotic- intestinal distress, vague nausea and my favorite one:the yeast infection). 

I did the laundry but not much else this weekend.  I did some spinning, took some more photos of the tree and took naps.  We sat and watched the snow come down on Saturday.  Pk took care of me today and told me to just relax since I have to get up early tomorrow.
 This was all you could see of our snowman lights.  They glowed under the 6 inches of snow.  It was a perfect snow.  It was Saturday, so no school.  It snowed light and fluffy and then we had a sunny day today to help melt the ice off the sidewalks.
 It was so beautiful to watch.  Peter Kevin went out for a ride with his brother in law but thankfully got back before it started coming down very hard.

Today is so gorgeous.  The sky is as blue as it gets in the winter and the sun is reflecting off the snow making sunglasses more than just a good idea.....
Pk made omlettes for breakfast and I made some carrot cake-like muffins (delicious).  We are watching LOTR and I'm working to finish my mittens because I think I may need them.

 Our backyard pets got a new house for Christmas.  They aren't getting fed as regular because Pk hasn't found a job yet and we have our own bills to pay and food to buy.  We don't have any birdhouses, just feeders.  It'll be interesting to see if anyone nests inside.  I don't know anything about birds and houses/nests.  I hope they like it.  

If I had gone back to work on Tuesday, I had plans to clean out drawers and clean out folders and get ready for a new year.  But, I have no idea what I am going back to.  I have a feeling that my voicemail might be full of people cancelling their appointments.  Philadelphia doen't do a great job clearing out the small residential streets and often people can't get out.  Whatever happens, I'll have to deal with it tomorrow.  I don't work from home.....

 I take lots of photos of our Christmas tree every year and then keep the one or two that are my favorites.  Today she looks like a woman "of a certain age" all dressed up for Bingo or drinks with friends.  I have another week to take photos and then she comes down.  Last year our outdoor lights stayed up until the end of Feb because of weather.  Our aim is to take them down next weekend , but we'll see what happens.

When do you take down your decorations?  I put up boxes and boxes of favorite family bits and bobs and it takes all day to put up and then all day to take them down and wrap them and put them away.  We'll collect the things from all over the house this week and then put them away and regain our living space.  That's the part I look forward to .  Space and light, especially now that the days are slowly getting longer.  2 more months of winter......


Saren Johnson said…
Boise isn't good about clearing side streets either. So I was surprised when they had plowed our street. We had to shovel the hump out of the way, but others just drove over theirs.
Galad said…
I have been so out of touch with the blog, so just spent some delightful time getting caught up. Your holidays looked lovely, except for the plague at the end. I put decorations up around mid-December and take them down in the first half of January.

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