High: 64 °F (16.6C)

This is our forecast for today.  I took this from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the government's weather site.  They tend to be less dramatic than the local stations when it comes to predicting "winter events" and things. 

Today will be Spring-like (my office window is open at 7 AM because it's already too hot in here)

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Heavy Snow
and Breezy
then Chance
High: 32 °F

And there is tomorrow.

 Actually, overnight it's supposed to get colder and then rain/sleet/snow will fall turning to all snow by morning and snowing most of the day.  The estimates are 5-8 inches.

(I hear the laughter.  I know that is not a great deal of snow.  But, here, our public transportation tends to get bent out of shape with any snowfall)

I decided to err on the side of caution and have requested tomorrow off.  At the very least, I will be able to sleep in and watch the snow from my living room with some hot drink and some knitting.  If all of the forecasts are wrong, then I will get up and go to work and save the day.  By requesting it ahead of time, I avoid the dreaded "occurrence" which counts against me.

This week is the first week that I've felt like myself again.  The infection I got around New Year's really knocked my feet out from under me.  I had no energy and felt like I was lugging my exhausted body around day after day.  And then I suddenly realized on Monday that I felt ok.  No.  Better than ok.  I felt good.  I was relieved.  After a month, I was sure that infection was going to hang around forever.

We made donuts filled with pastry cream and iced with chocolate over the weekend.  It was fun and tasty and a learning experience.  I learned that I can rise dough using my microwave oven so making bread in the cold of winter isn't so frustrating when the kitchen is too cold to get a good rise.

We got a new Secretary of Education yesterday.  Should it concern me that she herself has never attended a public school?  Nor have her children?  She admittedly knows nothing about education (has never held a job in the field).  It does bother me.  I am grateful my children are no longer school aged but I cringe inside for the children in my neighborhood.

Did you see the photos of the ice shelf in Antarctica that has a crack that has grown 17 MILES in two months?  If it continues, it will break off into an ice berg the size of Delaware.  That seems insane to me.  So, let's all ignore the scientists who tell us that Climate Change is a real thing and go back to using coal to fuel our plants.......(something our new President has actually proposed).  The world is going to hell in a handbasket.

I'm going to go and see how much work I can get done today so that if I am off tomorrow, it won't be such a mess on Friday.

Happy Hump Day!


Saren Johnson said…
Five to eight inches is a lot of snow and I hope you didn't get anywhere near that quantity. Our snow had turned to rain. Most of our snow has melted away. Spring is coming.
Galad said…
Hope you've stayed dry and warm. Here in Arizona we've already switched to spring weather. I'll shortly be putting the sweaters away for another 9 months. Our winter season has become so short,I've mostly gone to cardigans to throw over my short-sleeved shirts.

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