Happy New Year! My family, knowing my love of pop-up cards and books, found these. They are perfect. When you open them up, the stars pop out. They seemed particularly appropriate for today.
I am sitting in my room, catching up on blog reading because tomorrow is a work day. Kate and Holly are in Philadelphia watching the mummers. If you are not local, the Mummers Parade is a tradition. There are clubs that prepare all year for a march down Broad Street in fancy costumes. They compete for prizes. I tried to put the photo here but I'll have to settle for the link from the Philadelphia Inquirer. There are a lot of string bands and "fancies" ( music and lots of feathers and props), and comics. These are mostly men dressed as women and clowns that strut down the street. It is a strange and wonderful event. Kate has never been in person and decided that Holly should go. She also made sure Holly got to a diner (a Jersey specialty). I'm waiting for them to call me to pick them up at the train station. We have a wonderful train that goes across the bridge into Phila and back. It's how I get to work in the morning. It's about 5 dollars round trip and when you balance that against parking in the city and wear and tear and gas not to mention traffic, well it is a bargain.
I cleaned off a shelf in the bedroom bookshelf for my knitting books and magazines. They have been living in the bottom of the yarn tote. I found a book I had forgotten I had. Now, I have to get some of those magazine holders to keep the magazines organized. I want to try to go throught he closets and bookshelves throughout the house and clear out the clutter. This is a no pressure goal. I just think I have too much stuff and I am ready to part with some of it. There is a local Goodwill store that will take most of it.

My embossed leaves socks are finished. I used Louet Gems in French Blue. I used more yarn that the pattern called for. I needed well over 100 grams and yet the yarn was the correct weight for the pattern. They are great. I love this pattern. I love how one leaf just flows into the next one. I started a new pair of socks last night for train knitting. I was using the Black Iris from the yarn club but it has been frogged. It pooled in a very unattractive manner. I'm going to try to rewind the ball and start at the other end and maybe it won't be so bad. I was so disappointed. I am making Fools Rush Sock. I found some Opal sock yarn without a ball band so I am not sure of the color. I think it might be denim or something like that. It has a heathery, faded blue denim look to it.
For some reason, I am having an allergy attack. My nose is running like a faucet and the antihistamine is not working, or not working enough. I realized that I have not felt sinusy all week and have not awakened with a headache every morning. I think I am allergic to my office. The ventilation system is old and they clean it yearly but it's not enough. I'll know if the sinus and headache problems start this week. The weather folks are calling for some snow tonight (yay) but I don't think it is nearly cold enough. We are planning a trip to Atlantic City on Saturday to show Holly the Atlantic Ocean and then dinner at Harrah's. All the casinos have buffets but we think theirs is the best.
Happy 2008!


TinkingBell said…
Happy New year - the parade sounds like a blast!!
Love the socks and am examining the Fools Rush as I type - you have great taste!!!
Thanks for helping make 2007 such fun! See you in 2008 (metaphorically speaking!)
teabird said…
The socks are seriously beautiful - I hope you're feeling well enough to do the Atlantic City trip!
Michele said…
i love how the leaves tumble into each other too. very nice! these do look truly beautiful.

i've appreciated your blog a lot this last year and look forward to reading more about your life and knitting this year.
Rose Red said…
Embossed Leaves - ahh, my favourite! I used Koigu, and had about a walnut sized ball left over when I'd finished (phew!)

Love the star card - very apt, your own little fireworks display whenever you want it!
Anonymous said…
love the socks! happy new year!
Taphophile said…
I'm allergic to my workplace, too!

Happy New Year - look forward to the year to come. :)
Amy Lane said…
Happy New Year--the parade reminds me of January 6th--Topsy Turvy Day! Much more festive than our house, anyway, where we put away the tree because the lack of space was making mom crazy! The socks are astounding--and so pretty! Knit on, lovely lady, k nit on!
Bells said…
oh yes, the blue embossed leaves are lovely. Great combination. I am itching to make those socks again.

Hope the girls had a great night!

Oh and thanks for the fools rush sock pattern. I have saved that!
Roxie said…
Pop-up stars are a wonderful thing to keep on hand. How often have I thought to myself, "Now this is an occasion for some pop-up stars," and just not been able to find them? I hope they get lots of use in the coming year.

Embossed leaves. Ahhhh!

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