Today we spent the afternoon on the boardwalk in Atlantic City. It was 40 degrees and damp. There were lots and lots of people on the boardwalk. Don't they know it's January? The photo of the ocean with PK and Kate makes it look a little brighter than it actually was. You can see that they are bundled up. We took Holly to AC because she is going home tomorrow. This is an elephant modeled on Lucy the Elephant who lives in Margate New Jersey. This one is covered in Jelly Belly jelly beans. The jelly bean elephant is in the store called ItSugar. After we walked down the boardwalk and admired the ocean, we headed to Harrah's casino for dinner. They used to have a buffet called the Fantasy Reef. It was so cool because the walls looked like sand and there were large fish tanks all over the place. It was like being inside a sand castle. And the food was incredible. I was disappointed to find out that they had closed and opened something they call The Waterfront buffet. Nice but sterile. No character or charm. The food was good but part of the fun was the atmosphere. We had a good time anyway. My brother and his wife and their children were there. I love spending time with them. He is ten years younger and I spent a lot of his younger life teaching him the finer things. Like zombie movies and creature double features on Saturday afternoons. He knows how to kill a zombie and is likely to be good in a fight with a monster. All good and necessary skills for life in NJ in the 21st century.

I have been working slowly on my shaw. This is what 15 rows looks like. I tried to stretch it out some so you can see some of the pattern and individual colors. I really like it but there are a lot of K3tog and I am grateful for the addi turbos I bought to knit it on. I don't know if I really think they are all that better than my Susan Bates circs. I bought them for the 32" cable.
I like the fact that some white sections are knit on one side and some on the other. It is supposed to make the shaw more two-sided.

The Fools Rush pattern is one of those that moves along fairly quickly. Here is my sock after three pattern repeats. See how the color is a faded denim? I really like this yarn. I don't know the name of the color but I know it is Opal superwash sock yarn, probably 70 percent wool and 30 percent nylon. In my quest to be a little more organized this year, I bought some magazine holders to put on my shelves. They are holding my knitting magazines on the shelves with the books. It's real nice to have everything handy.
This was such a nice day. I think I need to be fairly productive tomorrow to make up for taking today off! There is grocery shopping and laundry and cleaning yet to do. And those lazy elves have not put away the holiday decorations yet. I think the decorations will stay up one more week. There are only so many hours in the day and some of them should be set aside for knitting.


amy said…
That sounds like a great day and no need to feel guilty about taking it "off"! I like those socks quite a bit. I just went and added them to my Ravelry queue so I don't forget about them. I'm planning my own sock club for this year--I have enough sock yarn, I think, to pick a yarn from stash and match it to a pattern every month.
Sheepish Annie said…
I love my brother dearly. But I do not think he can kill a zombie. He has just never shown any real interest in the whole subject in spite of my constant tutelage.

It's something of a family embarrassment.
Amy Lane said…
wow--lovely knitting! And you know, I think Chicken is slacking off--she taught her little brother (who is 9 years younger) how to frost cookies today, but as of yet, she has not taught him how to slay zombies. Really--you would have thought I, of all people, had raised her better:-) (Hey--we did figure out how we'd kill those snakes on that plane:-)
Bells said…
I love a windy, grey beach shot. That's lovely!

Nice work on the shawl, too.

I'm with you on the decorations. We'll get to it, when we're good and ready, right?
Bezzie said…
Hm, I'm thinking now I want to visit that elephant more than I want to visit AC someday!
Dianne said…
Looks like you had a great time. Hey, when those elves are finished at your house, can you send them down to me? I'd love to get the tree down, but it looks like it's not gonna happen again this weekend!
MadMad said…
I giggled at the last part, because here I am, reading blogs instead of cleaning up the Christmas stuff and grocery shopping... ah well.
TinkingBell said…
Love the socks - thinking of that pattern for some Noro sock yarn I ahem - acquired!

And Elves to the antipodes please!

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