This is our backyard on Thursday when we got some snow. It lasted a few short hours and when we got up Friday morning it was all gone. What a tease. The snow was big, heavy flakes and was gorgeous for the time it was falling.

This is one of my favorite pictures of the Mullica River just off Quaker Bridge. In art class last year Kate painted it. We framed it yesterday and it looks gorgeous. We bought the frame and had the mat custom cut. It will soon be hanging in the living room.

And finally, here is a progress shot of my Icelandic Lace Shaw. I can't tell you how many times I ripped out the dark grey section because the stitch count was off. I can't tell you because I lost count. I was determined to make it as near perfect as I could and so ripped and ripped. I was getting pretty upset with it after a while but I put it aside and now I am finally making progress. It doesn't look like much yet but all those lovely yo's will open up when it's blocked. I am almost finished with the light grey and then it's back to the white. It's a satisfying thing to knit. The pattern is subtle and because it's not laceweight, it's not too frustrating. Peter Kevin wants to build me a blocking frame because he found one on line. I'll let you know how that works out.

Kate taught my niece Maggie to knit. She is almost 8 and my brother reports that she picks up the needles and knits on her own. How cool is that? Oh, and even cooler, Franklin is coming to Kennet Square, PA to take photos for his 1,000 knitters project!!! We are so excited and can't wait. He is coming in April. Kate, Emily and Maggie and I are going.

It's been a lovely weekend. Monday is a holiday (Martin Luther King Day) and some companies are closed. Peter Kevin is off but I have to work. Mental Health stops for no public holiday. The upshot is that PK and Kate are going to do the house cleaning. All I had to do was the laundry (done) and grocery shop (done). Now, today, I can sit and read blogs and knit and listen to the wind blow the wind chime that is outside my bedroom window. We are also watching old episodes of the sitcom "Coupling". It makes me laugh so hard that my stomach hurts. Thank goodness for Netflix and their unlimited streaming video. I hope everyone else is having a good weekend.


amy said…
I'm so excited for you, getting to be photographed by Franklin!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(See? SO MANY exclamation points. I am SO EXCITED!!)
Rose Red said…
I too am so excited that you will be one of 1000!!!! Do you think Franklin might come to Australia??!!

Katie's picture is lovely, as is the Icelandic Shawl - it will be lovely once done, worth persevering with.
TinkingBell said…
Great work - one of a 1000! Love the shawl - it does look gorgeous!
Olivia said…
Great photos, I especially love the top magical one. Your shawl is going to be beautiful. I'd like to knit that pattern one day.
Sheepish Annie said…
I just started watching Coupling. It's been on BBC America. What a riot!!!

The shawl is just lovely. It think it is going to be a winner! As is that painting...absolutely gorgeous!
Michele said…
top photo is gorgeous.
lace knitting is like that at first. i believe i cried. and swore i couldn't do it. yours looks good.
Kate said…
Oh my! Everyone is complimenting my paiting. It's not that good, is it...?

The shawl is lovely, mother dear, and you are going to be stunningly gorgeous when it's done and you wear it. Can't wait for Franklin!
Amy Lane said…
That Franklin thing sounds very cool! And your day, as always, sounds wonderful--I love how you manage to put peace in your weekends!
Roxie said…
The top photo and the shawl photo seem color-matched. Bless you for your persistence! That shawl will be twice as warm.

The painting is charming. Good feeling for the setting.
Georgie said…
Yes Kate, its a great painting!

The shawl is coming along really well, I love the colours.

Coupling is hilarous - one of those I think everyone can relate to!
MadMad said…
I miss coupling! The British version - OMG I once laughed so hard I fell off the treadmill! The shawl is looking beautiful, and the painting is amazing!
bells said…
Look at the size of those snowflakes! I love it!

Good on you for being a perfectionist. I'm with you on that. Do it well or not at all, right?

That's a beautiful painting - again, getting it framed well is worth it. No point otherwise, really!

And Coupling. Ah yes. So good. There's a US version? I wonder what it's like. I only know the Brit version.
bells said…
And Franklin? Oh my. If he came here I would camp out overnight to be there!
lilypotter said…
Oh how lucky! I want to be photographed by Frankiln too, but I don't think he's coming close enough to me. But at least you get to go! That's great!
Also great are the shawl and painting. Lots of creativity on display in this post. Very cool.

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