Easter was quiet and lovely here. The predicted snow/rain showers never materialized. Instead, we had a lovely blue sky, puffy cloud day. It was a little cold but that didn't matter. On Saturday, Kate and I spent the whole day together. We baked cookies. We had Easter eggs, Easter stars, Easter cows, Easter Mooses, Easter Elephants and some chicks. What? You all don't have Easter cows or elephants or mooses? That's too bad. They were delicious.

We also baked babka. This is a recipe from Peter Kevin's polish grandmother. It is a bread we only make for Christmas and Easter. This one has dried cranberries instead of raisins and was just as yummy as it looks. We also made the baked beans and potato salad for Easter dinner. There was a lot of laughter in our kitchen. During baking times, we worked on a jigsaw puzzle. These are a favorite but we don't often take the time anymore. It was a terrific day.

Easter Sunday was a quiet day. Em and Jim came late in the afternoon for dinner. There was chocolate, of course, and dyed eggs. There was also a lot of knitting. I finished the first MacGreggor's garden sock that I was test knitting for Susan. You can see the entwined heart design on the side and the rabbit ears on the foot. This is Shi Bui yarn in color 1601 (I looked up Shi Bui online. It means "elegance with a touch of bitterness" Interesting name for a yarn company). It was a prize in a blog contest and I thought the color would work well with the pattern. I started with a 54 gram skein of yarn and was getting nervous as the ball dwindled down into nothing and I still had a pattern repeat to go so I opted for the safe route. I only did one pattern repeat down the side of the leg. I cut off about 20 rows. I finshed with a 4 gram little ball of yarn. I don't think it would have been enough to finish. Since Susan didn't give yarn amounts in the pattern (duh, it's a test knit!) I wasn't sure how much I would use. I wanted to be able to make a pair so using the second skein for the first sock was not an option because the yarn was a prize and is not available around here. The sock is a toe up pattern, my first. I'm not sure I like this method. I'll let you know after I finish the second sock!

Today it was back to work after a long weekend. Typical Monday. Two med clinics and since I was off Thurs and Fri, no prep work was done. I ran around like a madwoman today. It was so nice to come home to my peaceful, quiet home. I walked in the door and sighed. It's good to come home.


amy said…
Mmm, Easter mooses. :)

I don't like toe up at all. The heel bugs me. I tried it, because I didn't want to be rigidly committed to one way of knitting socks just out of habit, without knowing the other way. So now I can say I don't like toe up with experience to back me up!
Rose Red said…
I think someone needs to stand up for the rights of the Easter Cow. And form the EELF (Easter Elephants Liberation Front). Clearly the time has come to take action!

The babka looks great! Is there any left over that you could send me??!!

I have tried toe up - I don't mind it actually. I'd like to try it with a regular heel though, rather than a short row one. Next time maybe.
Sheepish Annie said…
Sounds like a lovely Easter...with mooses!

And the socks are pretty, darned lovely, too. Nice job!!
Em said…
The babka was great, and so was the Easter Menagerie. I love our eccentric holidays. And dinner was so pleasant, and such a nice relief. Coming home is always a great feeling. Going back to the real world was pretty tough. Maybe some Easter moosen will help you handle the tension.
Amy Lane said…
Sounds like a lovely day...and Easter mooses? Of course...what--other people eat only bunnies?

I'm thinking of trying a toe-up...although it's funny... in my neck of the woods, if you want to say someone was either laughing until they cried or partying until they puked, what it SOUNDS like we're saying is 'toe-up'...

As in, "We were laughing so hard, we were toe-up!!" (I think it's supposed to be tore-up, but I can't get anyone to spell it for me...)
Bells said…
Oh look at those pretty biscuits!

I think cranberries instead of raisins is inspired.

You all had clearly the most delightful easter. Honestly, I think I come here almost solely for the happy family stuff. I love it.
GenerallyGemma said…
That bread looks gorgeous!!! I am going to have to go and google some recipes!
Roxie said…
The sockies look divine! And I'm strongly behind the EELF. Think how much candy an Easter elephant could bring.

How nice to have a haven at home after a frantic day. I sigh in comfort with you.

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