Finally, the daffodils are starting to bloom. This should in no way be considered evidence of Spring here on the eastern US coast as there are snow showers in the forecast for tomorrow. Put all those hopes for warm, spring-like temps on hold. The National Weather People said that we are in an area that is likely to exprience much flooding this spring because the ground has more water in it than it has had for the last 75 years. Parts of the midwest got 12 inches (!!) of rain over the last few days. I can't imagine that much rain outside of a hurricane.

The test procedures went well. The mammo was clear and I am relieved that I get to go back to screening mammos instead of diagnostic ones. I think it has to do with the number of pictures they take. The ultra sound was a little more "interesting". I'll spare you the gory details but it is definitely unpleasant to have a stranger poking around in your girlie bits with a long pole. Nuff said. The part that irritates me is that I have to wait for them to formulate a report and send it to the doctor who will then call me with the results. But I want to say thank you for all the good wishes. It made me smile inwardly to think of all of you there in the room. What a crowd!

I am working on the McGreggor's Garden sock. This toe up sock stuff is surely a strange creation. If you look at the bottom of the sock, you can't tell the toe from the heel. See? I have never done toe up socks and it has been an adventure. Here is a shot of the top of the sock. If you look closely you can see Peter's ears there in the lettuce leaves. The color is more green than the photos show. It took me 3 tries to get the concept of the short row toe down. I'm still not sure I got it right but the directions were clear and I followed them. This whole "wrapped stitch" business was a little confusing at first. The socks looked enormous as I started them but I was getting gauge so I kept on. I made them a little shorter than I would normally because they are wide and this way they stretch to fit my feet (I have wide size 9 and a half (42 european) feet). Susan writes a good pattern and I am ready to begin the cuff. I keep looking at the dwindling ball of yarn and hoping I'll have enough. The scale says so but my eyes are not so sure. I worked on these while waiting for my tests to be done yesterday and they kept my mind occupied so I didn't feel too stressed.

It's hard to believe that Sunday is Easter. It's too early and I can't make myself feel ready for it. I have not put up the decorations I usually do and I haven't washed the windows and curtains like I usually do. Today I am going to clean the house and start the baked beans for Easter dinner but I think it's too cold to wash windows. We got some furniture from my brother's mother in law who had to move into an assisted living apartment. She had a sofa bed and I thought it would be a good thing to have. It came with two burnt orange recliner chairs so we took them too. What a change to have bursts of color in the living room. I love walking through there. The sofa is a colonial blue background with orange bits so it all goes together. I still have to bake cookies and babka and make potato salad. That will wait until tomorrow. Em and Jim are coming for dinner on Sunday and hopefully my Aunt Joan will feel up to the trip. And it would be really nice if it didn't snow.....


Bezzie said…
Ohh oog. Gives a whole new meaning to the word "magic wand." Well I hope they get your report to you asap. Waiting is the worst!

You've got a snow forecast? I need to check North Jersey's forecast!
Alwen said…
We've had crocuses and I was looking forward to the scented violets. But I think those will be delayed, since it's snowing a-gain here!
amy said…
I'm familiar with that type of ultrasound. At least they got what they needed! I'm glad the mammo was clear.

I'm literally in the middle of cooking and baking, and we're not even hosting! But there are certain foods I must have for Easter, and ricotta cookies (second batch in the oven) and rice pie (on tomorrow's list) are among them. Yum.
Dianne said…
Good news on the mammogram- let's hope it's the same for the ultrasound. Waiting is torture! I'm doing a "no snow, no snow, no snow" chant for you.
Bells said…
what's in your baked beans??!

Gorgeous daffs!

Glad to hear the nasty mammo was all clear.
Em said…
Mmmm, babka and baked beans. It doesn't feel like it's time for Easter yet, you're right. When it's this cold and rainy, it's hard to think of spring.

I'm so glad that the mammogram came back clear. I worry for you, nice lady. I'm looking forward to seeing you for dinner tomorrow.
Roxie said…
And guys complain like violated virgins about prostrate exams the penetrate less than four inches. Hard to feel terribly sympathetic.

So glad all is well with the girls. Please let us know right away about the other check up, OK?

Hooray for daffodils!

Wouldn't it be great if we couls somehow save all that extra water for use in a dry year?
Daffodils are great, but good reports from the doctor the mammogram are the best ever! I hope the ultrasound results come out the same. :)
Rose Red said…
Oh, I'm with you on the ultrasound 100% - gurk! But hope the results are all good, fingers (and legs!) crossed for you!

The socks are looking great - such a cool pattern!

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