Get out your black arm bands. Arthur C. Clarke died. You can read a small obit here. If people haven't read his books (and The Nine Billion Names for God is an absolutely wonderful story!) they will recognize the opening bars of 2001; a space oddessy. He changed the way we communciate by asking why satellites couldn't be used for communications. So, as you use your cell phones and your internet services today, give a thought to the men (and women) who's brilliance make it possible.

Bye Arthur. I'll miss you.


teabird said…
I wish Childhood's End would be reissued and advertised heavily - it's such a good book, and such a good message.
(This coming from a woman whose favorite movie is "The Day the Earth Stood Still"...
Jejune said…
He was one of the first sci-fi authors I read as a teenager, and is still one of my favourites. He will be missed.

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