I managed to work out the stress of work with crafts this weekend. It usually works for me. I spend some time with my family and then I spend some time with my wool.

Friday night, Pk and I went to the movies and saw The Mummy (part 3, tomb of the dragon emperor). It was entertaining. Silly but entertaining. It had yeti in it! And they have blue eyes and like to kick field goals. (who knew?) Like I said, silly. And they we went to our favorite pizza place and ate the best pizza and wings. It was a good date.

Saturday was the house cleaning and laundry day. There was some knitting on the Wildflowers Shawl. I am pretty sure the yarn will run out before the pattern does so I contacted Teresa and she will try to match it if I send a sample so I am sending it out today. I did some rows on the very red and very boring felted bag. At this rate, it will be November before it's finished.

And then Sunday, while Pk was at a galootfest (men with hand tools making things with wood), I pulled out Saraspunda and she and I got reacquainted. It's been a while because I hate the feeling of the roving in the humidity. I'd watched some more videos and did some more reading and since the weather was cooperating, I decided to try and spin. I started with this. It's one of the rovings that I got for Mother's Day. ( It's a club for 6 months and I have two more to go. August's arrived today and it's glorious fall colors of orange and red.) I pulled it apart until it looked like this and then I pulled it apart some more. I spun it and got through an entire bobbin without wanting to throw it out! And entire bobbin full. I was so excited. It's the first time I managed to spin more than I wasted. My foot was tired at the end and my hand was a little crampy but it was so worth it. It's fairly consistent in its weight and the colors look good. It took all my concentration and I had no time to brood about stresses at work. They have melted away.
Today I went to see the stomach doctor about the results of my endoscopy. I have severe irritation of the stomach and esophagas lining. She removed a lump which turned out to be inflamed tissue. The medication she gave me seems to be working and I'll keep taking it for now to promote further healing of the linings. There is too much acid in my stomach, possibly as a result of stress. Hmmm, anyone see a connection here? I need to make my life less stressful or I am faced with taking lots of medicine for the rest of my life. I don't want to do that so I will have to make some changes at work. Less on my plate will mean less deadlines and less stress. I just have to keep from wanting to volunteer to help.....
Back to work tomorrow. Time to put the new "no more volunteering for everything" ethos to the test. It's a short week and then a long weekend. Labor Day, which we celebrate ironically by taking the day off, is next Monday. Already.


amy said…
I am so glad the results of the endoscopy weren't anything life-threatening. Yes, please work on the stress. We want you to be calm and happy and acid-free. :-)

I'm also glad you got some spinning in! And other helpful handwork. I wonder what other people do, the ones with no hobbies whatsoever?
Bells said…
Good news about the results!

Now that I have a wheel, I'm looking at what other people do much more closely - that's beautiful. Love the colour. I long to be able to do that!
Galad said…
Glad to hear the diagnosis wasn't anything dire though the stress reduction issue takes some work.

You spun some lovely yarn which has to help :-)
Bezzie said…
So take two fleece and call me in the morning! LOL!
Jeanne said…
Good news about the results - and hopefully you will find a way to reduce the stress and keep healthy! The spinning is gorgeous!
Roxie said…
Spinning will help. And small meals at frequent intervals. Weight Watchers has a fat-free, high fiber yogurt in heavenly flavors. It's a bit on the spendy side, but amoretto cheescake is worth it.

The spinning is lovely. good work!

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