It's Friday afternoon. I just got home so already I'm feeling good. I feel extra good because I arrived home to find a package from A Piece of Vermont. Yarn that I ordered Tuesday! And today is Friday. What terrific service. Jessie, who writes a blog about life on a farm in Vermont, also dyes and spins and knits (and raises chickens, goats, pigs and turkeys and peacocks). Her shop, A piece of vermont is full of beautiful yarns and books and rovings for spinning. I love the subtle colors and soft texture of the sock yarn. I'm a sucker for sock yarn.

And just to show off what a wonderful husband I have, look what PK got for me. Stitch markers. I wasn't sure he knew what they were. He has a female friend from a previous job that makes jewelry. He bartered some electrical work around her house for some stitch markers for me. It's hard to see in the photo (a photographer I am not) but the beads are colorful bits of glass and bits of polished stone. They are beautiful. Pk is very handy around the house and often barters his time and skill for a case of Guiness. This time, he bartered for stitch markers for me. I am blessed to have such a terrific life partner.
The weather is taking a turn for the cool this weekend. I guess it's to be expected with Fall on Monday but I am not thrilled about it. We had such a lovely, lazy summer. I like Fall and I can smell someone's fireplace on the breeze as I type. It has such energy that I feel like I should be doing things.
Tomorrow my oldest daughter will be 25. Elanor (named after PK's mother and the little, star shaped flower in the Lord of the Rings) was born in Leonardtown, Maryland. She weighed 8 lb 9 oz and had a large round head and was possibly the most beautiful baby I had ever seen. When Pk was going home from the hospital, Bonnie Tyler's song, "total eclipse of the heart" was playing and from that moment on, he called El "Bright Eyes". Let me tell you a little bit about her.
She looks and acts so much like her father that I often think she is what he would be if he had been born female.
She has a stubborn streak a mile wide (she comes by this quite naturally). When she was in gym class as a small child and refused to skip in class as she was directed, they sent her to the office. She skipped down the hall to the office.
She reads quickly and voluminously.
Right now, she has purple hair.
She is a WoW player and spends many hours at this.
She is kind and generous and loving.
She is very smart and has a good analytical brain.
To me, she is a minor miracle. I can't believe that I am the mother of a 25 year old.
We are going to dinner tomorrow night to celebrate her birthday. She requested "the meat place", a restaurant called Picanha and we are going to gorge ourselves on their delicious food.
I can't wait.
Happy weekend all!


Bezzie said…
Beautiful yarn and markers!! My FIL does the same thing--'cept he's a plumber. He bartered for the champagne at our wedding snaking the toilet for a liquor store owner.

And happy birthday to your daughter!!
Kelli Simone said…
Happy Birthday Elanor. Enjoy the rodizio. ~ksp
Rose Red said…
Happy birthday to Elanor!

Love your yarn and the stitch markers - such fab colours in the yarn, it would be hard to resist.
Jeanne said…
Gorgeous stitch markers - and what a nice husband you have! Love the yarn too! Happy birthday to your daughter - hope you all have a wonderful time celebrating!
Galad said…
Beautiful yarn and a great husband!

Happy birthday Elanor!
Dianne said…
Happy Birthday Elanor! (Love the yarn and the markers, too!)
Roxie said…
Hooray for Friday, yarn, an awesome mate, lovely stitchmarkers, and good kids!
Donna said…
Great yarn and anything from Vermont is wonderful (read that as transplanted Vermonter). I hope the birthdat celebration went well and isn't strange having children that age-mine are 19-23-28. Wow I feel old!!
Amy Lane said…
Happy B-day, sweet girl--what a wonderful list of reasons your mother adores you:-)

The yarn and stitch markers are gorgeous--PK scores again!!!

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