And here we have an unblocked Wildflower. It is soft and drapey and looks lovely. This is the edging that gave me such a fit. It seems so easy once I got the hang of it. I can't wait to wear it to work. I have never worn shawls to work before but I think I'll make an exception for this one. It has a very different feel to it than wool. It's more purpley than the photo shows but with bits of light blue and red throughout. I don't think it will be very warm. I'll wear it with a white summer skirt when the weather warms up.

Now I can go back to the North Sea shawl that I started quite a while ago. It's been so long, I've forgotten where I left off. I'm hoping I left a note in the book..... I also have some other pretty lace weight that I would like to play with but having so many unfinished things makes me twitchy so I'll finish the shawl and one of the three pairs of socks I have going and Em's sweater. Musn't forget that.

Yesterday was such a nice day . My body was tired and sore. I haven't done anything out of the ordinary so I think it's the stress. It makes my brain tired and I think it lodges in my muscles. I slept 9 hours Friday night but still had some lingering tiredness. I spent most of Saturday at the spinning wheel. It was peaceful and the sun felt warm and it didn't require much in the way of brain power. The air was tender and beautiful. It feels like spring for the first time. I needed it. Pk spent the day at an old tool auction so I got to spend most of the day alone. I think I needed that, too. He was full of excitement at being at an actual auction. He successfully bid on two lots and is now the proud owner of some more planes and some chisels. He has quite a collection at this point.

It's a little cooler today. Not so much sun but the windows are all open. Pk will work on his car and I will provide support. I'm not really much support. I kinda stand around saying, "do you need anything? Want a drink?" and other useful things like that. Mostly, I stay out of the way.

We're beginning the weekly debate of what to have for brunch. I'm thinking french toast but it's still up in the air. I'm just pretty sure I don't want eggs and I don't know if I feel like making pancakes. Mostly, I think I'd like someone else to cook it and serve it to me. Then I'd feel less picky.

For National Poetry month, I leave you with a verse from a song by Harry Chapin. Harry was one of my favorite singer/songwriters. His music was all about the life and people around him. This is from a song called Mr. Tanner. It's about a man who likes to sing and decides to pursue music full time without critical success.

But music was his life
It was not his livelihood
And it made him feel so happy
And it made him feel so good.
He sang from his heart
And he sang from his soul.
He did not know how well he sang
It just made him whole.

This song reminds me that it doesn't matter how well you do something if it feeds some place deep in your soul. I love to sing. I don't do it very well so I tend to keep it to myself. The problem is when I put on the mp3 player with music, I can't seem to help myself. This is one of the reasons I don't listen to music on the train. I don't want to sing and upset the morning commute of my fellow riders. So, my family is subjected to me singing. They have to listen. Thank goodness for families.


amy said…
Congratulations on finishing the Wildflowers!! And yes, wasn't yesterday's weather glorious? :)

I like to sing, too. I always thought I sang like crap but my kids like it and we all make up songs all the time. The market sometimes plays an 80s mix of songs (the actual songs, thank goodness, not elevator remixes) and I catch myself singing along, sometimes quite, um, enthusiastically. But it brightens my day, so who cares if maybe I sound awful?!
Rose Red said…
Wildflowers looks just lovely - you should definitely wear it to work, show it off or just feel pretty darn good about yourself.

Sounds like you had a lovely weekend, lots of spinning and alone time, which is often a good thing, especially when you've had a lot of stress. Hope next week is ok for you too.
Olivia said…
It looks fantastic! Looking at those pictures, I'm getting an urge to make lace with bamboo too. I hope you enjoy wearing it to work.
teabird said…
The shawl is so lovely! Definitely, wear it to work. That kind of thing is a reminder of who you really are --

I once saw Harry Chapin in concert, early in his career. He was the opening act, if you can believe it, for Arlo Guthrie. Chapin's early songs were a little - odd - but his enthusiasm and joy for performing overcame everything.
Roxie said…
You might give the shawl a test drive around the house for an hour or so to see how it wears. It's just gorgeous!

I am sending peace to you all and thinking, "Big Cut!"
Bells said…
Ooh it's lovely!! That edging look so soft and pretty. I'm wearing a shawl to work today! I know the 20 year old I work with finds it daggy, but I love it.

Nice idea to post lyrics. I have thought of doing the same.
Amy Lane said…
I love that song, Donna Lee-- it keeps me writing sometimes when nothing else does.

What lovely work you're doing--you should be VERY proud--definitely wear it to work!

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