I finished the Wildflowers Shawl. (scroll down for the pattern). Finally, after about a year. It was a long time ago that Roxie sent the skein of bamboo dyed by her friend. I loved it immediately and one day when I just needed something different to work with, I pulled it out and remembered the pattern I liked so much. I cast it on and soon realized I would need more yarn (yardage? what's that?) and sent a sample to Theresa who matched it and sent me another skein. The pattern was easy and enjoyable to work. Then came the edging which absolutely confuzzled me. I had to wait for Kate to work on hers and figure it out. She explained it and after some trial and error (lots of error), I got it and with a concerted effort, I finished the edging. I grafted the edges together like the directions called for and it worked. I soaked it in cold water. Very shortly the water was purple. I think if I need to wash it again, I'll add some vinegar. I was afraid that a lot of the color washed out but it looks ok. I tried for an artsy fartsy shot but I'm just not good at that kind of thing. So, here it is blocking on the rubber squares. My fingers were purple by the time I finished blocking it. I couldn't find too much information on blocking 100% percent bamboo yarn so I just treated it like wool but didn't block it too hard. When it's dry tomorrow, I'll take a photo in the sunshine. It came out better than I thought it would and I'm proud of it.

Pk is at a tool auction and I am spending the day in fibery pursuits. I am going to spin the blue roving and look for a pattern for some small scarf that will show it off.

And because every day is a good one if it includes a photo of a cat, here's Calvin in his new favorite spot, the laundry basket. The sun shines in through the back window at the end of the day and he can sit in comfort on the dirty clothes and watch the squirrels out the windows.

Have a good Saturday!


Geek Knitter said…
Blocking lace, it's still one of the great wonders of knitting, isn't it?
Roxie said…
Bamboo is a cellulose fiber like linen or cotton, so you can probably press it good and hot to make it shiney. I'm so sorry it lost color. I'll tell Teresa so she can be sure to rinse her next dye batches more carefully. It looks awesome!! You do wonderful work.
Galad said…
What an accomplishment! Congratulations on finishing your shawl.

I have purring cat curled up against me purring his fool head off. He thinks Calvin looks very comfortable and that squirrels must be amazing to watch.

Have a great day.
Alwen said…
I dyed a little bit of the new Red Heart sock yarn with the leftover Easter egg dye, and it seems to me the blues/purples are the ones that bleed out like crazy.

(I always hear that reds bleed, but Easter egg dyes lately only have screaming, non-sun-fast pinks, not a good red.)
Bezzie said…
Very beautiful!

Man, we should be so lucky to be able to curl up in dirty laundry and laze about all day!
TinkingBell said…
Blocking lace is such fun because you go from a pile of noodles to wowee!

All good wishes with EM

Don't you hate doctors and specialists = arrognat swine!

Hugs and positive stuff coming towards you!
Amy Lane said…
It's stunning, Donna Lee-- wonderful!!!! It will probably continue to make you glow like a firefly for a long time! (I love that I MADE THAT glow!)

My aunt just sent me a picture of her cat on the computer desk... gotta lurve the cat/computer connection!
Rose Red said…
Your shawl looks great! Congratulations on finishing!

My cat will only sleep in the clean clothes basket!! She leaves the dirty washing alone!!
Jeanne said…
The shawl looks great!

I'm just getting caught up on posts - I'm glad to hear Em's surgery is soon, but sorry that its been such a frustrating process.

Have a great Sunday!

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