Here is my Wildflowers shawl getting near to the finished point. Now that I have learned to put the edging on, it has moved along at a good clip. I've got about 1/3 of the edging on one side left and then I have to graft the bottom edges together. I've got the grafting thing down but look at this. See how there is all that space? I followed the directions and put the stitches on one side

on the waste yarn and re-cast on for the edging on the other side. I've played around with a diamond shape to graft into place there. I started with three stitches and will just increase with strategically placed yarn overs until I have the size and shape I need. Then I'll graft it into place. That's my plan at this point. If anyone else has a better idea, I'm game.
I spent the day at a training on how to write a WRAP (wellness recovery action plan). This was day two of the training. I had homework to do (some of which I did at McDonalds while eating pancakes and sausage after I dropped Pk off at the train), some of which involved talking to clients and helping them to write their own plans. The first part of the plan is to write what you're like on a good day. That is much harder than it sounds. We are not programmed to talk about ourselves in positive terms. It was an interesting discussion and my group participants agreed to spend some time thinking about how they would describe themselves. I figured I should try to do it myself so I had some idea of what they are going through.
But that will have to wait until tomorrow. The internet is all wonky and keeps going out on me. It must be the windy, rainy weather.
See you all tomorrow.


Rose Red said…
I wonder if you could keep knitting the edging down to include the other side (where you are supposed to graft) - as if it was the main body of the shawl? Not sure if I've explained that very well...
Sheepish Annie said…
Wildflowers is gorgeous! I have no idea what might be a better plan for edging so I'll assume that you are on the right track. Nice job!

That is the sort of thing that should go on a "good day" list!
Bells said…
Oh that shawl is looking just lovely. So nice. Good job.
Roxie said…
Absolutely! On a good day you find creative solutions to problems. On a good day You don't think twice about making life more pleasant for the people around you. In fact, you enjoy doing it. (I like this! GO with it!)

The shawl is splendid!

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