Today is the 14th, A Day in Your Life time. Today is a busy 14th. I got up at my usual time (6 am) and stumbled toward the shower. I got a haircut last night and wasn't sure how I felt about it so I was a bit apprehensive to look at it this morning. I'm not sure what I thought it was going to be but it's better than before it got cut. I don't remember too many times walking away from the salon feeling thrilled with my haircut. Usually, I'm just glad it's not horror movie worthy.
Today it's not too bad. I had to slap some hair color on it last night because the hair cut revealed way too much grey for me to live with. It's short and easy to deal with.

Today I'll be spending much of my day right here at my desk. You can see the toys under the monitor. I'll start the day looking at the schedule and looking up phone numbers and calling people to remind them they have appointments. We are scheduled through till 4:30. It's raining and that always affects how many people come out. This is the painting that one of my clients who is an art student did. I put it up on the wall where it's not readily visible since it's a nude. I like it and I like that I know the artist. She is graduating this spring and will be out looking for a job to support her art.

Today, I filed our taxes and paid what we owe. What a good citizen I am. This is the first time in 25 years we have not been able to claim a child as a dependent and it made a difference. There are three of them living in the house and one is unemployed and I feed them and shelter them but they are not dependents. But we only owed 58 dollars to the Fed and 24 to the State so it wasn't too bad. And since tomorrow is the deadline, I got them in in the nick of time. I don't know why I put them off so long. It's not hard if you file online.

Today is my brother's 41st birthday. I know he doesn't read this (I'm not sure he knows it exists) but I wanted to wish him a Happy Birthday anyway. Since there are 10 years between us, sometimes it felt like I raised him as much as my parents did. I was the one who introduced him to horror movies (yay for Creature Double Feature on Saturday) and science fiction (trekkies forever!). I watched him grow from a precocious little boy into an interesting man. I love him dearly although I'm not sure I've ever said those words to him. I may have to rectify that.

We are in the middle of an inspection here at work. We pay the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations to come in and do a week long inspection. We gear up for it like you wouldn't believe. And then we wait for their unnanounced visit. Finally, they came yesterday and will be here most of the week. It's a chance for us to show what we're made of and how well we do our stuff. It's also how we qualify for Medicare/Medicaid payments. Day one went well and now we are getting ready for Day Two (da da da dum). I'm just glad they finally came and now we'll all be able to breathe for the next three years.
I'll spend my afternoon in the clinic with the psychiatrist. And then I'll pack it in and go home and fix some dinner and if I'm lucky, put my feet up and knit. Tomorrow I'll be at a training so there's a break in the week.
Have a good 14th. What are you doing today?


Roxie said…
I love peeking into people's days like this. thank you!
Rose Red said…
Funny about taxes isn't it - I always do mine late, even though it only takes about 10 minutes to do - fortunately I don't have to pay extra, so I don't get into trouble (well, yet, anyway).

Hope the work inspection goes smoothly, and you have a good day overall.
amy said…
I hate to fight with my father to list myself as my own dependent and not his. I added up what he was paying (tuition at a state school) and what I was paying--everything else: rent, utilities, food, books, transportation, etc--and decided it met the criteria for me claiming myself. He was freaking livid. I thought that if I was going to bed hungry several nights a week, not to mention cold because I lived in a drafty old house and paid $150/month in the winter to be cold, then I should get to claim myself. I told him I was, and he could too, and then we'd both be audited and we could let the IRS figure it out. Fun times, I tell you.

Today I am trying to figure out how to have dinner ready at 5, which is when I'll walk through the door, because I'm doing it all on my own again tonight and can't have them eat late and have bedtime get off because then the baby will melt down while I'm still trying to get the boys ready. Again, fun times. :)
Bells said…
I'm loving the new format of your blog Donna Lee. It looks so open and clean! How did you do the little kite drawing? It's nice.

You have all three kids back home with you? Em has moved home? I guess it makes sense. I think of her often.
Bezzie said…
I've got myself one of those 10 year younger brothers I felt like a sub-mom to too. ;-)
Amy Lane said…
That's generous of you to not claim your kids--my parents claimed me the year I moved out (and I had been living at my grandmothers for the first half). Mate and I grossed 12,000 that year (including what we made before we moved out) and I had to pay taxes on myself as their dependent. (And we were getting married when those were due, and paying for the wedding--okay, can I tell you again what a good mom you are?)

But you do have a busy day-- and I'm glad you're telling your brother you love him. My kids have similar gaps between them, and I want them to love each other too.
Alwen said…
I paid my taxes a week before the deadline and thought the same thing: why did I wait when it was so easy online?

And hey! my "baby" brother was 13 years younger than me. For years he would accidentally call me Mom.

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