I thought I set up that last post to post today so I would have a post for every day but some how I botched it. Oh well, I'll just have to regale you with the flowers from my front yard, the Primavera socks in progress and the edge of a storm front moving through the other day. The hyacinths are coming up and smell heavenly. I love how one day they're just a few little bits and the next, they're a full fledged flower.
The Primavera socks (primavera means Spring appropriately enough) are moving along. I slipped them onto my foot and they feel really nice. That surprised me because the yarn is not soft but very firm. They'll probably wear like iron. Not a bad thing in a handknit sock. I'm almost finished the March socks, the ones with the stripes. I did them toe up and the cast off is too tight so I have to find a cast off that stretches more. I chose April's brown bag o'yarn and it's a skein of Tofutsies in pink/grey/beige colors. Good choice with warmer weather coming up.
Anyone remember the movie The War of the Worlds? Thunder, lightning, aliens, death? That's what it looked like one day last week as a massive storm front zoomed through. The temp dropped but no precipitation. It was soooo cool to watch it move.
Tomorrow, I'll photograph the chocolate torte so you can share it vicariously. The recipe is old. I cut it out of a magazine the first year we were married and have made it every year since 1981. I'm using some chocolate called onyx for it's heavy duty chocolate content. I think it's too bitter but Pk (and Em) love it.
Happy Friday!


Amy Lane said…
Wow! lovely pictures-- I especially love the smell of hyacinths and daffodils-- the smells of spring! And it sounds like happy industry at your house-- I think you're feeling better!
Kaye said…
That's a cool picture of the sky!!!

I haven't met chocolate that I never liked before. Hee hee!
Bells said…
how lovely to have had a chocolate recipe you've made since your first year of marriage! I started annotating cookbooks early on in our relationship, date, thoughts etc and I love having recipes that I made for us early on and continue to make. It's romantic AND gives a sense of time.
Galad said…
Your chocolate torte sounds to die for. Lucky Em.

I love those kind of storm fronts if I don't have to be out in it.

Have a good weekend.
Jeanne said…
Beautiful pictures - I love hyacinths. I think we had that same storm, but we had hail, rain and lightening/thunder. Scary.

Chocolate torte..yum!
Alwen said…
Oh, my hyacinths have slowly petered out. I should buy some new ones, the old ones were 15+ years old!
Sheepish Annie said…
Pretty socks and chocolate torte...two of my very favorite things!
Roxie said…
Those Primavera socks really are lovely. And the storm front - Ooooo- scarey!

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