I just noticed this is my 400th post. It feels like there should be some sort of commemmoration but this week has just about done me in.
When I got into work on Monday, I learned that one of our favorite Social Rehab clients had passed away on Sunday. She was young and had a reoccurrence of her breast cancer. I saw her two weeks ago and although she looked drawn and gaunt, she did not look that near death. It was a surprise.
Wednesday, we buried my cousin. It was tough. I tried to be the support my aunt and cousins needed and I hope I succeeded. She was young and somehow that makes it harder to bear.
I came back to work yesterday to find out a client I have known for a long time died over the weekend. This was a shock. He'd been in the hospital for pneumonia for a while and was getting better but his heart gave out. He was only in his 40's.
So, it was a sad week. Three young people, in the prime of their lives, gone. I believe things happen for a reason but that belief is being stretched very thin this week.
Em sent me a photo of the alien spine baby. It's big. The surgeons are coordinating a date to remove it. It seems to be involved with a nerve and they told her she could have some numbness or pain afterwards and they have no way to predict which it will be.
We saw the new Star Trek movie (full disclosure here: I am a huge fan and always have been. I own several star trek christmas ornaments and once owned patterns for the star fleet uniforms and plans for the enterprise). Pk and I thought we needed a diversion and we went Tuesday night. I was prepared to be disappointed but I was astounded and pleased. It's wonderful and the characters are true to themselves. The young actors are reminiscent of the older ones but not copies. In fact, we saw it twice on Tuesday. And I want to go again......
It's a rainy Friday and I have the first crisis management group of the year this morning. It's mostly admin staff so not too much hands on. Mostly, just how NOT to talk to an enraged/upset individual (seems like common sense but it's not). I am looking forward to a peaceful weekend.
Anyone got good plans? (and did you realize that next weekend is Memorial Day? Already?!)
I realize this is a sort of disjointed post but that's kinda how my mind is working this morning. I have started on a new pair of socks for my aunt who let me know she would like some more. I'll take some photos when (if) the sun comes back out. So, possibly some knitting content soon.


Roxie said…
My heart goes out to you. So much loss and such a frightening time for you. Wish I could come over and give you a good backrub and wrap you in care. I can't make things better, but I can hold your hand while you go through it. I am here, metaphorically holding your hand.

Be present in the moment. A lot of the moments are sweet.

Your family and friends are SO lucky to have you!!
Bells said…
Geez, what a rough week. So much loss. So much sadness. I'm sorry.

I'm glad you got to see Star Trek. People are saying amazing things about it. My sister is about to see it for the second time!
amy said…
Oh Donna Lee, it's so much, isn't it? I'm sorry. You'll come out on the other side of it all, I promise.

Hugs to you.

DPUTiger said…
My weekend plans include working at my LYS tomorrow (Sat) then getting organized for 18 days of travel and craziness. I get a day and a half at home in the middle, but I'm away for my birthday, which stinks.

Sorry you've had such a trying week, but the news on Em sounds pretty good. Hang in there and enjoy your weekend!
Julie said…
Oh man. What a big pile of crap to land on you all at once. I really wish we were all closer to prop each other up through crap like this... wouldn't that be lovely.

Anyway, as always, we're pulling for you. Hang in there.

Escapism is good for coping. You know this. Go see that movie another ten times!
Galad said…
I'm a big fan of escapism too! Hope the coming week is filled with good things.
Rose Red said…
Oh geez Donna Lee, I'm sorry all that landed on you at once. Great idea to see the movie and I love that you saw it twice!! Hope you have a good weekend to make up for it.
Jejune said…
Oh, Donna Lee, I'm so sorry - what an incredibly awful week. The misery gets overwhelming doesn't it, there's only so much a person can take. Sending you lots of hugs and love.
Bezzie said…
Damn. I was really hoping that whole death in 3s thing wouldn't happen for you, looks like it did with an extra thrown in there. Ugh.

Hee hee, Star Trek is on my must-rent list. No movie is worth finding a baby sitter for (I'm too cheap!).

And speaking of aliens---here's hoping Em only has numbness if she gets either of those side effects. I think I'd rather have that than pain if I had to choose. Hopefully she'll have neither!
Jeanne said…
What a rough week - I'm sorry and hope things get better.

I loved the new Trek movie too - and I have several Trek ornaments too!

Congrats on 400!
Sheepish Annie said…
What a sad, sad week for you. I hope that the weekend brings rest and lots of comforting activities.
Amy Lane said…
I'm so sorry about your cousin--as Roxie said, so much loss and such a frightening time--but you, darling--you handle it so very well. I truly admire the way you live your life with small bits of quiet and true joy to sustain you, even when things are scary.

I loved Star Trek too--I want to see it again!
Dianne said…
Terrible week. [[[Hugs]]]

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