I wonder why it is that on weekdays, when I have to get up and out the door early, I have to pry myself out of bed and on Saturday I am awake at the crack of dawn.

The cool thing about waking up early on a weekend is that it is so quiet. Today, it looks and feels like what I imagine a rain forest is like. The air is heavy with fog and sounds are vaguely muffled. There are birds and the occasional dog barking. The air is not moving. It feels anticipatory. I like it. NOAA says we are in for thunder storms all weekend and then lots of sunshine just as we go back to work on Monday. I don't have any plans, other than the usual cleaning and laundry.

I wore grey pants and a black shirt to my cousin's funeral but broke it up with some wildly colored socks (Kate calls them my "acid trip" socks. They're made with Noro Kureyon so you can imagine...). My aunt admired them and said she would like some colored socks. I've given her colored socks, just more sedate colors. I don't have any Noro in the stash and since I'm holding onto money to pay the electrician and put a new roof on the house, I went through the available yarns and came up with one I like. It's the Feb offering from ArtWalk. 'Petunia' by Georgia O'Keefe. The colors are bright and it's warm and soft. My aunt is diabetic and I'm leery about giving her more colored socks but she insisted. I used the Tidal Wave pattern which is easy to memorize and seems to move fast. I like photos without flash better but this one captured the greens and purples more accurately. So, now I have three pairs of socks on the needles. Weird for me. I'm working on Pk's brown/black striped and Em's Zap socks. None of them are very challenging but that's not a bad thing.I haven't had the mental wherewithall to do much more than knit plain socks. But some of the mental numbness is wearing away and the fog I feel like I've been living in is lifting so maybe I'll be up to picking up the lace this weekend. I've missed working on it.

The human spirit is a wondrous thing. It can be battered again and again and still rise. It helps to have people around you who are there with a gentle word, a kind thought or gesture. As we climb out of our hole and start to laugh again and feel lighter, I'll remember the kindness you all have shown and will pass it on to someone who needs it. Thank you.

So, now it's time to pry myself out of my comfortable bed and get some breakfast and get started. There's spinning to be done and some knitting that is calling my name. Now, if only the elves would get started on those pesky chores.


Rose Red said…
The elves are obviously sleeping in!!

I used to have the same problem - sleep in during the week, awake at dawn on the weekends!! The early mornings are so lovely aren't they.

The socks look great! Love the colours!
Jeanne said…
I used to get up early on the weekends, but now I sleep in - I just forced myself to go back to sleep, rather than getting up.

Lovely sock yarn - I'm sure your aunt will love them.

Have a relaxing weekend!
Roxie said…
The best part of the day is the early bits. You have painted such a magical, mist-ical picture of your morning. Hope you just wallowed in the peace.

When I get my blood pressure taken, I close my eyes and imagine being in just such a quiet, still, foggy morning. My last reading was 107 over 60.
worldtrendz said…
Hi Friend.. Interesting Post.. Keep up the good work.. Will drop by your blog often.. Do find time to visit my blog and post your comments.. Take care.. Cheers mate!
Julie said…
Oh, it's Sunday. Bugger the chores, that's what week days are for. Today you should spin, and knit, and take a long hot bath (if that's your thing) and otherwise sloth about. You've earned a great deal of sloth. Use it!!
Amy Lane said…
Grrrrreeeattt socks--me likey! Good colors too!
TinkingBell said…

Sleeping is always good - insomnia not so much

Early morning is the best time of the day!
Tinniegirl said…
Gosh you've had a lot to contend with. You sound like you are coping well and I'm so glad to read the tumour is benign. Sending you lots of good vibes and thoughts across the globe.

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