It's nice to have a relative with a truck. Well, Jim is not legally a relative but that has never stopped us before. We get attached to people and just adopt them.
I don't know if I mentioned that we had to buy a new refridgerator? No? Oh. Well, we did. I had managed to save up the money to pay the electrician almost 1500 dollars to upgrade the electricity in the house and we were just waiting for Em's surgery date so we could coordinate the electrician date. Then we noticed the freezer wasn't freezing. It was cold, but not frozen.
Big sigh. The fridge is about 12 -15 years old (we can't quite remember) and has always been problematic in the warm weather. I always had to move the milk down to the fruit bin (where it was colder) to keep it in the summer. But the freezer always worked and the people at General Electric told me that if the freezer was working, there was nothing really wrong. (strange philosophy but I was not willing to pay a repairman lots of money to test it out) But now the ice in the icemaker (which had stopped working a long time ago, we bought bags of ice and dumped them in) was melting all over and the food that was supposed to be frozen hard - was not.
Bigger sigh. We took the money we saved and went to the 'bump and dent' store and found a lovely new refridgerator. It has a dent on the top but it's cosmetic and it saved us 900 dollars. We got a 1900 dollar fridge for 1000 dollars. It makes ice and registers the temp in celcius and farenheit temps. It's really not fancy (the fancy ones cost well over 2500 dollars) but it works.
So, we called Em and Jim and bribed them with good Chinese food and gas money and asked them to come and help us move it. They fell for it and we moved the old unit out and the new one in. Actually, it wasn't that easy as the new one is about 1/2 inch taller and wider. One half inch which made a huge difference. Pk has some work to do to put the kitchen back together.
We lost all the leftovers but managed to save the milk and butter and cheese and stuff by putting them in a cooler overnight. And we have ice! I heard the icemaker drop some cubes this morning and it was a beautiful sound.
So, now we start saving again to have the nice electrician man come and upgrade our service. Unless we lose another major appliance (the washer is making discontented noises and it's over 20 years old!), maybe we can do it over the summer. Good thing I have a bunch of fiber to spin and enough yarn to keep me busy because I can see it'll be a long time before the budget allows me to splurge...


Roxie said…
Dear, dear, Donna Lee, The new socks you knit for me are full of happiness. I wore them yesterday and my feet were wrapped in happy, and just like climbing vines, the happiness twined up my legs and trunk. Every time I looked at my lovely new socks, another sprout of happiness budded out and before noon I was ivied over with Tofutsie cheer. Thank you, thank you! Fix the electric. If you run out of yarn, I will send you money to buy more.
Galad said…
Great deal on the refrigerator! I have one I'm holding my breath on (with similarly aged washer and dryer).

I'm with Roxie on the electric. I have plenty of yarn in my stash I'd be willing to donate if you run out :-)
amy said…
Doesn't it seem everything goes at once? I've been through the dying, dying, dead refrigerator (except ours was only a few years old, a complete lemon) and it's NO FUN at all. But now that's over with.

No more, universe! Let Donna Lee alone for a while. ;)
Kaye said…
You could probably rig your wheel up to the dishwasher if you were reaaaaly desperate!
Rose Red said…
Bummer about the fridge, but nice deal!! Isn't it funny that a small cosmetic dent can give such a discount - totally worth it!!
Amy Lane said…
Huzzah huzzah for a new fridge... ours is making noises about retiring but that puppy hasn't earned it's pension yet--and good for you for getting the good deal!
Alwen said…
I am always reminding my husband not to talk about "extra money" in front of the cars or appliances. It seems like they conspire together to need the exact amount that was supposedly "extra", drat them!

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